The 4:44 gimmick is an intentional "glitch" placed in the game that can be activated any day of the year, but only when the timer is exactly at 4:44.


  • Friends of Mineral Town
    Mfomt 444

Watching TV at 4:44 on any day will result in the game being frozen in a loop where the dialogue box opens and closes forever. The only way to 'fix' this is to row the direction button in a circle for some time and it will fix the problem or to reset the game.

  • More Friends of Mineral Town

In More Friends of Mineral Town, watching the TV will spam 4 時 4 4 分 (4 Hours 44 Minutes) for a while, but will eventually stop.


In the original Japanese version, this was not viewed as a glitch; it was put in the game to scare the player. In the Japanese culture, the number 4 is considered bad luck or a bad omen due to "four" and "death" having the same pronunciation. It is akin to the belief some Western religions have in regards to the number 666 and its connection to the Devil.

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