Gift Responses


"Can I have it, MC? You know me so well. Thank you!
I'm so glad you are my friend, MC. Please continue to be good to me."


"Can I have it, MC? You know me so well. Thank you!
Can you give something to my sister, too? Otherwise, she'll scold me later."


"Can I have it, MC? Thank you."


"MC... Oh.. I really don't care for this. It's okay, I'll give it to the Harvest Goddess."


"MC, I'm upset. I've done my very best for you.
And this is what you give me? I can't believe it! You're so mean!"


"I'm different from my sister, and I'm really good at all kinds of housework.
Sister can't do anything... Oh, but don't tell her I said that. She'd blow her top if she found out."

"Hi, MC. I cook all the meals for the Harvest Goddess.
I have to cook quickly or she'll get mad. I'm afraid of her."

"We Harvest Sprites assist the Harvest Goddess and help those who are in trouble.
I deliver lost items, grow flowers, and other things that people don't know about. It's sorta cool."


"Oh, MC, it's hot. So hot, I feel like jumping in the river."

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