In Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, you can have up to three additional homes; four houses in total, all of which you can sleep in. If you have a family, they will not live with you in any of the homes other than your farmhouse, because there are only small beds in each of the other cottages, and they are not upgradeable.


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This is your default home, and the one you get when you first moved to Mineral Town. It is completely upgradable, and is the only house you can expand and buy furniture for - and the most convenient to live in if you are working on the farm.

This is the only home that you can house your family.

Town Cottage

Vh interior
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The empty space next to Saibara's shop can be yours if you ask Gotz to build you a cottage there. The option to build the cottage will show up at Gotz's once you have purchased all the other upgrades from him. Building the cottage will cost 100,000,000G as well as 999 pieces of lumber.

The interior is similar to your first farmhouse, before upgrades and expansions, complete with a TV set, a bed, a table, a diary to save in and a calendar. There will also be a mirror, fireplace and clock, but you do not have to buy them; they come with the house. One of the Jewels of Truth is found here.

Seaside Cottage

Seaside cottage interior
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A lovely, little blue-and-white cottage will be built on the beach and is all yours if you connect to Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life via the Harvest Goddess 42 times.

It has ocean-themed blue furniture: a bed, a small table, clock, some plants, and a large window replaces the TV in this cottage.

Mountain Cottage

Mc interior
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In the large, open space near the summit of Mother's Hill, a Mountain Cottage will be built when you have been married for 50 years. On your 50th anniversary, your wife (or husband, if you are playing MFoMT) will announce that they have something for you as a gift on this special day, and present you with this cottage.

The house is furnished with a simple bed, table, clock and fireplace. If you check the calendar of this cottage, a Jewel of Truth will fall out.

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