Affection is a gameplay element in Doraemon: Story of Seasons.

Affection measures the friendship level with villagers and wild animals. Raising affection levels are required for certain events. Pet and farm animals also have affection levels, but they differ from regular villagers. Because animals cannot be given gifts, there are actions that Noby can take to increase the affection of animals. 


All villagers start out with a base of 0 affection points and can have a maximum of 10,000 affection points. Their affection level is indicated by a colored heart displayed in their dialogue bubble. The player can also check their affection level on the menu.

There are several actions that Noby can take to increase or lower it. Giving them a gift will raise (or lower) their affection depending on how much they like the gift. If they loved it, 5 hearts will be displayed. If they liked it, 3 hearts. If it was an OK gift, 1 heart. If they disliked it, a drop of sweat will shown on their head.

Heart Colors
Heart Color Affection
Grey 0 - 99
Violet 100 - 399
Cyan 400 - 899
Blue 900 - 1,699
Green 1,700 - 2,799
Dark Green 2,800 - 4,199
Yellow 4,200 - 5,899
Gold 5,900 - 7,899
Pink 7,900 - 9,999
Red 10,000

Affection Modifiers
Action Affection
Talk to Villager +25
Loved Gift +60
Liked Gift +25
Neutral Gift +5
Disliked Gift -10

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