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There are several ways to gain affection in Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns. A villager's affection, or friendship towards you is represented by the flowers on the left or right side of the text boxes that appear when you interact with them. With villagers you can marry, deemed bachelors or bachelorettes, each level of friendship is represented by a different flower color. For secret bachelors and bachelorettes, such as Dirk or The Oracle, the flowers are white, just like they would be with a normal villager that you cannot marry. The higher your friendship points with a villager, the more flowers you will have.

Tips for gaining Affection

  • Give villagers and marriage candidates gifts that they like. Giving people gifts on their birthdays boost affection even more. Stay away from things that they don't like to avoid losing heart points and affection. 
  • Talk to people every day. Even if you don't give them a gift, affection is gained simply by talking to villagers.
  • Winning and attending certain festivals will gain affection with those who are attending the festival.
  • When trying to win over an eligible marriage candidate, make sure that you give the best response during their heart events to get a huge boost in affection.
  • With marriage candidates, go on dates to boost affection for that character. 
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