Affection is a gameplay element in Harvest Moon 3DS: A Tale of Two Towns.

Affection (also called Friendship Points or "FP") is a way to measure your friendship values with marriage candidates, villagers and your animals. Affection starts at a value of 0 FP and can be raised up to 65,535 FP.[1] Marriage candidates will also have different flower colors as you raise your friendship with them, indicating that they like you more.[2]

Regular villagars, special marriage candidates, and marriage candidates of the same gender of the player will have white colored flowers. Normal marriage candidates flowers will have different color depending on their level.

Flower Levels

Flowers Buds

Affection Level

One 0 - 9,999
Two 10,000 - 19,999
Three 20,000 - 29,999
Four 30,000 - 39,999
Five 40,000 - 49,999
Six 50,000 - 59,999
Full Bloom 60,000 - 65,535

Gift Values

Type of Gift

Regular Gift 

Birthday Gift 
Favorite Gift +800 +4000
Liked Gift +300 +1500
Neutral Gift +50 +250
Disliked Gift -300 -1500
Horror Gift -1000 -5000

Altering Affection Levels

Besides giving gifts to a person, there are other ways to increase and decrease affection levels. This is important to keep in mind as additional affection points will allow you to befriend villagers and marriage candidates faster while losing affection will make befriending a person much more difficult. 


By talking to a person, you can increase their affecton by 100 points each day. This only works once a day no matter how many times you speak to them.[3]


Completing requests will give you 50 FP. This value is halved if there was another person involved in the request.[4] The friendship level will always be the same, regardless of how difficult or how simple the request was. 


If you show a villager an animal that they really like, you will get 100 FP.[5] Showing a villager an animal that they dislike will result in losing points.


By attending festivals, its possible to gain anywhere from 100 FP to 1000 FP.[6] Not attending or participating in a festival will not result in lost friendship points.

Random Events

Some events (not dates or heart events) that can be viewed with other villagers may yield some additional friendship points. Events can yield anywhere from 100 FP to 300 FP while some events will give no points at all.[7]


An animal's friendship can be checked by looking at the Animal List. Animals generally have a lot lower max affection levels then humans.


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