Aja is a character from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town.

Aja is the daughter of Duke and Manna. She left Mineral Town for the city due to an argument with her father and hasn't returned since then. Unfortunately, neither Duke nor Aja have apologized to one another, so you never get to see her.


Advice for Manna

Visit Rose Square between 1PM and 4PM on a sunny day during the first year. This event can only take place before the events at the winery in the fall.

You'll see Anna, Sasha and Manna at the square talking. Manna is attempting to ask her friends for some advice, so Anna and Sasha lend their ears. Manna expresses concern for her daughter, Aja. Manna wants to talk her daughter but she's afraid that she won't return home.

Sasha thinks it's a good idea if she talks to Aja for Manna. Anna agrees, and Manna thanks the both of them for their advice.

Advice for Harris

After you've been married for a period of time, Harris may show up at your door if you leave your home after 7PM. He has come to ask for some relationship advice. He confesses that he has a crush on Aja, but she moved away from Mineral Town and now lives in the city. He has decided that he would wish to write a letter to her. 

He's not sure what to say, however, and asks you what he should write in the letter. If you tell Harris to write his honest feelings to her, he will thank you and leave.

Advice for Harris (Part 2)

If you helped Harris the first time he came to your farm, he will return approximately a season later to tell you that he has received a reply from Aja. The letter from Aja reveals that she already has a boyfriend in the city.

Although it's not what he was hoping to hear, Harris isn't upset about the news. He is happy for Aja, and, once again, thank you for encouraging him to send the letter to her. 


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