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This article is about Alice, a Harvest Sprite appearing in A New Beginning. You may be looking for Alice, a separate character who appears in Hero of Leaf Valley.

Alice (アリス, Arisu) is a character in Harvest Moon 3DS: A New Beginning. She is one of the two Harvest Sprites in the game.

Alice is the first female Harvest Sprite to appear in the Harvest Moon series. She usually bosses around her brother, Aaron.

She is best characterized by being lazy generally and only doing things if they are fun. When she is around the Harvest Goddess she tries to act nice and impress the Goddess, often taking credit for things that others have done.


Everyday (Sunny)
12am - 12pm River Area

The sprites are unavailable if it's raining or snowing.


Gift Preferences
Special Royal Jelly
Loved Tea Leaves, Flax, Herbs (all) Honeycomb, Marguerite
Liked Flower (All)
Neutral Egg, Branch, Milk, Weed, Wool
Disliked Tomato, Wheat
Hated Butterfly (All), Cricket (All), Treat, Fodder, Turnip


  • Alice's Japanese name is derived from Aristotle, a classical Greek philosopher.
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