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This article is about Alisa, a character from Sunshine Islands. You may be looking for Alisa in Island of Happiness or for Alisa in The Tale of Two Towns.

Alisa is a villager in Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands.

A woman who has devoted her life to the teachings of the Harvest Goddess, Alisa moves to the island with the pastor, Nathan. She is always appreciative of everything she sees, and is gentle towards all creatures. She moves in once the Mystic Islands have been raised.

Alisa has a series of heart/friendship events that can trigger as you raise your friendship with her if playing as a male character. She is however, not an eligible bachelorette, even though she seems to have heart events. If you raise her friendship high enough and try to propose to her, she will politely decline and insists that she has to dedicate her life to the teachings of the Harvest Goddess. If Alisa declines your marriage proposal, you are still free to give the blue feather to another bachelorette.

She never leaves Mystic Island, except for when attending certain festivals.


Gift Preferences
Special Ice Cream
Loved Apple Recipes, Juice (All), Cakes (All), Jam (All), Baked Banana, Baked Yam, Bamboo Dumplings, Baumkuchen, Buckwheat Dumpling, Chestnut Bun, Chestnut Gelatin, Chestnut Kinton, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Fondue, Churros, Cookies, Donuts, Fruit Dumpling, Fruit Sandwich, Fruit Smoothie, Green Dumpling, Hot Chocolate, Jam Bread, Mixed Smoothie, Orange Maramalde, Pancake, Pineapple Pie, Pudding, Pumpkin Pudding, Raisin Bread, Soybean Rice Candy, Steamed Bread, Strawberry Candy, Strawberry Milk, Sweet and Sunny, Trifle, Yam Gelatin, Yam Kinton, Yam Pudding
Liked Bananas, Blueberry, Buckwheat, Butter, Chestnut, Diamond, Edamame, Gelatin, Grape, Orange, Peach, Pink Diamond, Raw Buckwheat, Superb Butter, Yam, Curry Bun, All cooked recipes NOT already listed
Disliked Animal Food, Fish (L), Junk Ore, Material Stone, Lumber, Golden Lumber, Branch, Stone, Failed Dish, Boot, Old Can, Fish Bones, Sea Urchin, Wool, Yarn
Hated Colored Curry (All, except Ultimate Curry), Curry Noodles, Dry Curry, Curry Powder, Curry Bread, Suffolk Wool, Superb Yarn
Ultimate Curry


  • If you have 7 hearts with Alisa, she will give you a present if you speak to her on your birthday. There are three different presents available, depending on the year. She will give you either Cheesecake (Year 1), Ice Cream (Year 2) or a Fruit Dumpling (Year 3). These gifts will continue in a set rotation every three years.[1]
    • If she gives you Ice Cream, you can gift it back to her for a major boost of affection (or save it for her birthday in your refrigerator for even more heart points).


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