First Encounter: "*Sob*... *Gasp* H-hello? Can anyone hear me? *Sob* *Sob* H-hello? Oh, Harvest Goddess! You've sent someone to help me! Excuse me, do you know Nathan? You do!? Thank goodness. Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Alisa. I came here to visit the Harvest Goddess Spring. I'm embarrassed to say that I got lost... I couldn't even find the spring. Now I have no idea where I am. I've been wandering around this mountain in circles. So, well... I know we just met, but... Could you take me to Nathan's church? Thank you so much! I'm so glad I ran into such a kind person! Truly, the Harvest Goddess must have led you you to me."

  • "Good morning. Remember to give thanks to the Harvest Goddess every single day."
  • "Good morning, ___! It's the start of another glorious day!"
  • "Good morning, ___. You're working again today?"
  • "Good afternoon. I'm doing well today, thanks to the Harvest Goddess."
  • "Good afternoon, ___. I can't believe the time! Today's gone by so quickly."
  • "It's great how you always have so much energy in the evenings, ____."


  • "The church in this village is very old.  The villagers have really taken good care of it. How wonderful!"
  • "What a nice village. It reminds me of another I lived in once..."
  • "Everyone here is so nice. Hee hee."
  • "I'll be giving thanks to he Harvest Goddess today. Would you like to join me?"
  • "It's late! Shouldn't you be getting home soon?"
  • At Church: "This is a sacred place. Please be quiet."
  • At Harvest Spring: "Harvest Goddess... Please keep us all happy and healthy."
  • During a snow storm: "The Goddess brings this snow to show her anger. I hope she calms down soon."
  • When shown the blue feather (not to propose): "So that's a blue feather... It joins couples in happiness. Whoever you give it to, I wish you the best of luck."

At mountain:

  • "You run so fast, ___. Do you exercise a lot?"
  • "This mountain path isn't very easy, is it? This will be good training!"

Asks for a date: "Can I talk to you for a little bit?"

  • You accept: "Where shall we go?"
  • After a date: "I had a lot of fun today. Please come and talk with me again soon!"

Flower Quotes

  • One flower: "I help sharing the teachings of our Harvest Goddess with the people of this village. I just want everybody to be happy. Now let's give thanks together."
  • Two flowers: "I'm still training. Even cleaning up is part of my training. I've got to do a good job."
  • Three flowers: "Nathan knows just how to explain the teachings of our Harvest Goddess. I really look up to him."
  • Four flowers: "I lost my parents when I was young. The church took me in after that. Ever since then, the church has been my family."
  • Five flowers: "It makes me so happy to see you in church so often. I'm glad you share my love for the Harvest Goddess." 
  • Six flowers: "I'm so glad I came to this village. It's filled with kind and caring souls. Truly, the Harvest Goddess has blessed this place." 
  • Seven flowers: "You are a valuable friend through thick and thin, ___. I thank the Harvest Goddess that we met."


  • Favorite Gift: "Ice cream? For me? Oh, Harvest Goddess, how can I ever express my happiness? Thank you ever so much, ___."
  • Liked: "I'm quite impressed that you know what I like! Thank you! Oh, I must thank the Harvest Goddess as well."
  • Neutral: "Thank you. I accept your gift with gratitude."
  • Multiple Gifts: "I couldn't accept another gift today. Greed corrupts the heart."

Birthday Gift

  • Favorite Gift: "Oh, ___. You remembered that today is my birthday! And you're giving me ice cream? You're so sweet! Thank you!"
  • Loved Gift: "Oh, thank you so much! This is a wonderful birthday present! Oh, Harvest Goddess, I'm so happy right now."


Cooking Festival

  • You cheer for team Bluebell and lose: "It's not your fault we lost. I wasn't thankful enough."
  • You cheer for team Bluebell and win: "Thanks to your support and the Harvest Goddess, we won!"
  • You compete for team Bluebell and lose: "I'll ask the Harvest Goddess to relieve your sorrow over losing the Cooking Festival."

Animal Festival

  • You lose: "You seem disappointed. Are you alright?"

Harmony Day Festival: 

  • You give her a gift: "Oh, today's Harmony Day! Thank you, ___."
  • Alisa brings you a gift: "Today is Harmony Day. I'm giving gifts to everyone in the village. These are for you, ___. I'll be going now. Bye, ___."

You live in Konohana and come to Bluebell during a festival: "Hello, ___. We're having a festival in Bluebell Village today."

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