Alpacas are a new additional livestock to Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns.

Both brown and white alpacas are unlocked at the beginning of Fall of the second year and cost 18,000G.[1]

Alpacas live for a maximum of six years.[2] After clipping their wool with shears, an alpaca's wool will not grow back for 6 days.[3] If you want better quality wool then you must raise more hearts with your alpaca. The quality of the wool increases by half a star with each heart level.[4] Increasing your hearts with the alpaca will make it less shy around you and therefore easier to approach. They will also jump around happily when they are more comfortable with you.[5]

Wool and Yarn fetch the same sell price regardless of which color alpaca you buy. Yarn is created when wool is put into a yarn maker. Brown wool take 22 hours to process, white wool only takes 15 hours.


Brown + White Alpaca Wool

Quality Sell Price
1 Star 3600G
2 Stars 4800G
3 Stars 6000G
4 Stars 7200G
5 Stars 8000G

Brown + White Alpaca Yarn

Quality Price
1 Star 4800G
2 Stars 6400G
3 Stars 8000G
4 Stars 9600G
5 Stars 11,200G


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