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This article is about Amir from Grand Bazaar. You may be looking for Amir as he appears in A New Beginning.
"Prince from a far away land. Friends with the mayor. Calm and reserved."
―In Game Description

Amir (シュミット Schmidt) is a character in Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar. He is one of the eligible bachelors to court and is a special marriageable candidate.

His full name is Amir Ranjiit Raj Singh [1] (シュミット・アドルフ・ラルド・フォン・シュヴァリート Schmidt Adolf Rald von Schwarz). He is a prince from a faraway country who comes to visit Zephyr Town when he needs a break from his life of royalty. He tries to keep his identity a secret and is shrouded in mystery.

You will meet Amir around the 4th of Winter in the first year. Felix will introduce Amir to the player, an ask that his identity as a Prince be kept secret. Amir will stay until next Fall, when he will come to your house and tells you he has to return to his country to celebrate his father's birthday. He will come back in Winter and stay until the following Fall.

While staying in Zephyr Town, Amir lives at the hotel. While staying in Zephyr Town, he spends the majority of his time at the hotel, but does venture out to walk around Zephyr Town during nice weather. In Winter, Amir can be seen shopping at the bazaar.

If the player chooses to marry Amir, he will stay in town all year.


All Week (Rainy)
6am - 12am Hotel, Second Floor
Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday (Sunny, Cloudy, Snowy)
6am - 9am Hotel, Second Floor
9am - 1pm Hotel Lobby
2pm - 5pm Zephyr Town
6pm - 10:30pm Hotel Lobby
10:30pm - 12am Hotel, Second Floor
6am - 7am Hotel
Monday, Wednesday - Friday (Sunny, Cloudy, Snowy)
6am - 9am Hotel, Second Floor
9am - 1pm Hotel Lobby
1pm - 5pm Hotel
5pm - 10pm Hotel Lobby
10pm - 12am Hotel, Second Floor
Bazaar Day (Spring, Summer)
6am - 12am Hotel, Second Floor
Bazaar Day (Winter)
6am - 12pm Hotel, Second Floor
1pm - 8pm Bazaar
9pm - 12am Hotel, Second Floor
Wednesday and Thursday (After Marriage)
8am - 4:30pm Hotel


Gift Preferences
Special Stew
Loved Egg Custard, Miso Eggplant, Chop Suey, Roasted Eggplant, Vegetable Stir Fry, Boiled Tofu, Fish Stew, Mixed Rice, Fried Udon, Yakisoba, Stew, Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Fondue, Choco. Party Cake, Chocolate Cake, Cooked Rice
Liked Wine (All), Fall Tea Leaves, Great Yogurt, Jersey Milk, Chicha, Chocolate, Spring Tea Leaves, Summer Tea Leaves, Beer, Golden Milk, Milk, Moondrop Flower, Big Pincer Beetle, Pincer Beetle, Stag Beetle, Gazpacho, Egg Soup, Miso Soup, Fried Tofu, Okara, Pot Stickers, Dried Tofu, Boiled Potato, Jelly Bread, Dashi Maki, Egg Rice, Egg Rice Bowl, Tofu, Seaweed Stew, Herb Rice Porridge, Hash Browns, Spring Roll, Cold Tofu, Potato Pancakes, Baked Yam, Roasted Corn, Yube Tofu, Cabbage Rolls, Nari Sushi, Udon Noodles, Rice Porridge, Okonomiyaki, Rice Ball, Omelet Rice, Milk Rice Porridge, Milk Stew, Chestnut Rice, Cold Soba Noodles, Shimeji Rice, Tempura Udon, Tempura Soba, Tempura Bowl, Farmer's Breakfast, Fried Rice Ball, Grilled Fish, Fried Rice Noodles, Fried Rice
Neutral All other items not listed.
Disliked Tea (All except Royal Milk Tea), Brooches (All), Necklaces (All), Rings (All), Bracelets (All), Ores (All), Jewels/Gems (All), Empty Can, Stone, Horse Treat, Branch, Small Coin, Tea Perfume, Coffee Pack, Gold Coin, Fish Fossil, Fish Bone, Weed, Citrus Perfume, Silver Coin, Letter in a Bottle, Legendary Treasure, Animal Medicine, Long Boot, Chicken Feed, Herb Perfume, Flower Perfume, Blended Perfume, Bronze Coin, Lumber, Snowball, Pet Food, Fish (All), Caprese Salad, Soup (All), Fried Okara, Sautéed Turnips, Cauliflower Sauté Quiche, Sandwich, Scone, Tofu Steak, Herb Sandwich, Fish & Chips, Focaccia, French Fries, Fruit Sandwich, Galette, Oil Fondue, Marinated Fish, Sushi, Omelet, Carpaccio, Mushroom Rice, Cheese Fondue, Tomato Fondue, Doria, Herb Spaghetti, Paella, Pink Fondue, Penne Pasta, Meuniere, Risotto
Hated Sea Urchin, Fodder, Cheese (All), Cheese Dishes (except Cheese Fondue), Poisonous Mushroom, Truffle, Roasted P. Mushrooms., Ultimate Curry, Rainbow Curry, Macaroni & Cheese, Supreme Curry, Royal Milk Tea, Failed Dish
Supreme Curry


Being a special (and secret) marriage candidate, he is more challenging to court than other bachelors. You won't be able to see his heart color until you're married, so you'll have to guess its color for the events by going to your assets (your library) and looking at how many hearts he has. He also doesn't appear in the assets as a bachelor.

Since he doesn't have any family or close friends in Zephyr Town, you don't need to befriend anyone else to marry him. After marriage, Amir will stay in town all year round; he will only leave your farm house on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Heart Events[4]

Black Heart Event

Heart amir01.jpg

Requirements: Amir is at a black heart.

This event can be seen on a Saturday or Sunday between 6am and 9am when it's not raining outside. Enter Amir's room to trigger the event.

As you walk into Amir's room, he sees you and asks why you're here. If you tell Amir that it was a mistake, he will ask you to leave and you will lose 2000FP. If you tell Amir that you just wanted to come and say hello (+3000FP), he will invite you in to talk.

The two of you talk about farming for a little while before Amir asks you to leave so that he can get back to his studies. 

Purple Heart Event

Requirements: You have seen the black heart event, Amir is at a purple heart and Stuart, Ethel and Daisy have been befriended to at least 1 heart (10,000 FP).

Heart amir02.jpg

Walk into the hotel lobby between 10am and 12pm (noon) on a Thursday with good weather.

As you walk into the lobby you see Amir, Daisy, Stuart and Ethel. The trio are asking Amir some personal questions that he doesn't know how to response to and asks you to help him. 

If you decline to help Amir, you cannot see this event and will lose 2000FP. If you agree to help (+3000FP), you will stand up to Daisy, Stuart and Ethel. The three of them realize that they're being too nosey about being in Amir's business and stop asking questions. Amir is relieved and thanks you for your help. 

Blue Heart Event

Heart amir03.jpg

Requirements: You have seen the purple heart event and Amir has a blue heart. 

In order to see this event, it must be a Wednesday or Thursday between 9am and 11am on a day with good weather. This event is triggered as you walk from your farm to the waterfall area.

You see Amir watching Kevin, Cindy, and Lauren playing together. After they run off, you go to talk to a very sad looking Amir. He says that he regrets not playing more with his little sister more when the two of them were younger. He's not sure his sister loves him very much and may be mad at him about it. 

If you try and cheer Amir up (+3000FP), he thanks you and says that it's a good opportunity to write to his sister. 

Yellow Heart Event

Heart amir04.jpg

Requirements: You have seen all of the previous heart events, Amir has a yellow heart. 

On a Wednesday or Thursday on a day with good weather, walk from your farm to the waterfall area in between 9am and 11am to trigger this event.

As you're walking, you hear Amir calling your name. When you speak to him, he excitidly tells you that his sister replied to the letter that he sent her! It turns out his sister isn't mad at him at all! Amir is feeling a lot better and mentions that his sister wants to see him again. 

If you ask Amir if he is going to go back home (+3000FP), Amir tells you that he plans on visiting in the Fall but hopes that you would miss him if he was gone. If you suggest that he moves back home, Amir will be offended and you will lose 2000FP.

Other Events [5]

Amir the Super Helper

Requirements: Amir is not married (but is at 40,000FP/5 hearts), Daisy is not married.

Walk into the hotel between 10am and 12pm on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. This event cannot be triggered in Fall and it cannot be raining.

You see Amir trying to leave the hotel as he is stopped by Stuart. Stuarts asks Amir to help him get an item off of a high shelf and Amir agrees to help him. Afterwards, Amir is once again stopped, this time by Ethel. She asks Amir to help her carry in her heavy groceries, and again, Amir helps her with the task. 

Amir is stopped a third time, this time by Daisy. She's having a problem with money from the cash registers not adding up. Daisy talks him into looking into the problem for her. 

With all of these problems now fixed, Amir wonders how he got roped into helping with all of these problems.. especially because he's supposed to be a customer! 


  • Amir's full name uses Arabic and Hindi names in the English version, while the Japanese version uses German names.


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