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This article is about Andrea, a character from Seeds of Memories. You may be looking for Andrea, a character from The Lost Valley.
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Andrea is a bachelorette in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories.

Andrea is an ore researcher and has a deep knowledge of all things to do with mining. She has a very easygoing personality and seems to be as fond of drinks as she is of minerals!

Make sure you meet here as soon as possible at the beginning of the game as she will provide you with a much needed tool (Hammer) in the game.

Being friends with Andrea will cause the huge rock to disappear and unlock the path to Gorgan, the King of the Underworld.


Schedule 1PM- 3pm- 4pm- 6pm-
Saturday Home In front of Bar
Sunday Hannah's
Monday In front of the mine
Friday Near Gilberts tent


Gift Preferences
Loved Ore, Stones, Gems, Onion, Red Rose
Liked Spinach, Lumber, Fish, Flowers, Celery, Tomato
Disliked Peach, Apple, Grapefruit, Orange, Strawberry


  1. The Jovial Researcher - A memory of meeting the cheerful ore researcher, Andrea, for the first time. Automatically triggered the first time you talk to Andrea AFTER meeting the Harvest Goddess. You will get 3 Silver Ore and a Hammer.
  2. Andrea and the Mines - When you have 1 music note go to Andrea's house and talk to her. Andrea will gift you 5 Mythril Ore.


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