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This article is about Angela, a character from Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. You may be looking for Angela as she appears in Animal Parade. This is not to be confused with Angela, a character appearing in Story of Seasons.

Angela (アカリ, Akari) is one of the female player characters and protagonists. She is one of the protagonists that can be chosen in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. Her male counterpart is Kevin.


In the land of Castanet, the divine tree which balances all life has begun to weaken. The Harvest Goddess uses the last of her power to awaken the little Harvest Sprites, and instructs the orange sprite, Finn, to search for someone who can help.

Finn finds Angela, a human who is able to see him, and asks for her help. Angela agrees to help and travels to Castanet to start her new life as a farmer, while simultaneously doing what is necessary in order to save the divine tree.

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