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This article is about Angela, a character from Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. You may be looking for Angela as she appears in Animal Parade. This is not to be confused with Angela, a character appearing in Story of Seasons.

Angela (アカリ, Akari) is the main female protagonist and player character in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility


She comes to Waffle Island by boat after she reads a brochure about the Island. While on the boat, a storm brews in, knocking her unconscious. While she is out, she has her first dream of a beautiful woman shining in the darkness.

Angela wakes up at the Inn and is greeted by the Mayor who tells her a house is being built, but it will take some time. He suggests that Angela go spend the night at the nearby farm. After helping out on the farm for two days, the Mayor returns to the farm and asks Angela where she would like her house to be built. Angela chooses a plot of land and the Mayor moves Angela's things into a small run down house.

From here, Angela is able to start her new life as a farmer. She later discovers that the brochure was embellished, and that Waffle Island's Mother Tree has died. Angela will work to help unravel the mystery of the woman calling out to her for help in her dreams, in order to restore the Mother Tree, and to restore Waffle Island to its former glory. 

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