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Animal Instincts is located in Westown and is open from 10:00 until 18:00 and is closed during typhoons, blizzards, and festivals. It carries animals and animal supplies.


Item Name Price Requirements
Adult Cow 3500 G
Adult Buffalo 10500 G Westown Rank B
Adult Sheep 3500 G
Adult Suffolk 3500 G
Adult Alpaca 4900 G
Adult Angora 3150 G
Adult Gray Angora 4550 G Westown Rank B
Adult Chicken 2800 G
Great Pyrenees 5250 G
Bernese 5250 G Westown Rank B
Husky 5250 G Westown Rank B
Doberman 5250 G
Jack Russel 5250 G Spring 16
Dachshund 5250 G
Chihuahua 5250 G
Poodle 5250 G Westown Rank B
Shorthair Cat 5250 G Spring 16
Bengal 5250 G Westown Rank B
Maine Coon 5250 G Westown Rank B
Brown Horse 35000 G
White Horse 35000 G
Red Horse 35000 G
Long Mane Horse 35000 G
Braided Horse 35000 G Westown Rank B


Item Name Price Requirements
Milker 700 G
Clippers 700 G
Brush 700 G
Pitchfork 700 G
Medicine 350 G
Fodder 70 G
Spicy Fodder 210  G
Chicken Feed 70 G
Spicy Chicken Feed 210 G
Rabbit Feed 70 G
Spicy Rabbit Feed 210 G
Pet Food 21 G
Soft Treat 140 G
Fluffy Treat 140 G
Velvety Treat 140 G
Crispy Treat 140 G
Chewy Treat 140 G
Dog Bone 840 G
Cat Bell 840 G



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