The Animal Sanctuary

The Animal Sanctuary is a special pasture where Neil allows you to take up to 25 animals (chickens and sick animal,pregnant animals, or baby animals, cant go here) here in order to relieve stress. There is nothing for you to do at the sanctuary pasture! A trip to the Animal Sanctuary will cost 100 G per livestock animal.

Visiting the sanctuary will be the only thing you can do for the rest of the day. You will be sent to bed when you return to the village. The sanctuary automatically closes at 9:00 pm. By having your animals stay here for about 50 hours, they will be able to produce great-quality items.


  • You have to stay here the whole time. Leaving early wont still get you the same amount of hours if you did stay, even though you will still be forced to bed
  • Also get your shopping, gift giving, and watering crops, ect done before you come here
  • Take building materials you might need to break down for future buildings/blueprints; for example take rocks and make material stone. (that way you didnt complete waste a whole day)
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