There are only two available animals in Harvest Moon GB, which are chickens and cows. The silo outside their houses shows how much fodder is left to feed them. At the start of the game, you can pick a dog or a cat.

Harvest Moon GB 01

Definitely Cat


There are four stalls for cows in the cow barn, and a fifth that is used for pregnant cows. A cow takes 21 days to give birth.

If cows are kept happy and healthy, they can be milked. A butter and cheese maker can be added later on to the barn.

Using a bell, you can attract the cows out of the barn to take them for a walk. They must be brushed and talked to every day.


  • Milk (S): 150G
  • Milk (M): 250G
  • Milk (L): 350G
  • Butter: 500G
  • Cheese: 500G

Animal Sell Price

  • Cow that produces Milk (S): 5000G
  • Cow that produces Milk (M): 8000G
  • Cow that produces Milk (L): 12000G


You can keep up to 4 chickens, which can be bought for 500 G. Unlike cows, they cannot be kept outside. If they are healthy and happy, they will lay eggs.

Harvest Moon GB 02

Don't forget to feed them!


Egg Price:70G

Animal Sell Price

Adult Chicken: 500G

When you trade chickens with a friend, you have a 1 in 64 chance of getting a golden chicken back, which will lay Golden Eggs.

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