The are many types of animals in the game, Harvest Moon 64.


There are many types of Animals, and three classes: livestock, pets, and wild. Livestock require food and affection to live. All livestock are purchased at Green Ranch, you start with your dog, and you can get your horse for free. Wild animals are found on your farm, in all parts of the forest, and on the beach. Tame animals are found in the town and on the Green Ranch.


Animal Produce Description
Cow Milk (Small, Medium, Large, or Gold) Cows produce expensive milk daily. They require daily talking, feeding, brushing, and milking.
Chicken Egg Chickens are a cheap, effective source of money that are acquired at Doug's Green Ranch. They require daily feeding, and they lay eggs, which can turn into Chicks if incubated.
Sheep Wool Sheep give off profitable wool, but don't get their wool back for one week after being sheared. They require daily talking, feeding, and brushing.


Animal Race Description
Dog Your Dog can participate in the Dog Races. To win, simply feed and pick-up your dog every single day. He also likes to be taken inside when the weather is bad.

You have him from the beginning of the game. Some villagers like him, while others dislike him, and he likes to run. He is involved in a few cut-scenes and can even have puppies.

There is another dog in the game, Taro (owned by the Potion Shop Dealer), who can have two puppies. One will stay in town and be named Jiro.

Horse You and your Horse can participate in the Horse Races when it gets old enough to saddle. To win the horse race, brush and ride your horse every day. You cannot compete in the first horse race.

During spring of the first year walk to the Green Ranch. He eventually grows and when he does, you ride him around the farm and can put crops into his saddle.

Cat Cats do not participate in any races. You cannot ever have a cat, but the midwife owns two. All they seem to do is sleep.


  • Wild animals include: Fox, Squirrel, Monkey, Butterfly, Ladybug, Cicada, Mole, Penguin, Horned Beetle, Stag Beetle, Red Dragonfly, Bell-Ring Cricket, Pika Bunny.
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