In Harvest Moon: My Little Shop, animals yield products which can be processed and sold in your shop.

All animals can be purchased at the Animal Shop, which is run by Mint and her brother Nick. Once you have an animal, you have an unlimited supply of the product which they produce, so there is no need to own more than one of the same animal.

Your animals are pretty low-maintenance in comparison to other Harvest Moon games. You will have an unlimited supply of food for them, so you don't need to grow or buy any. Your grandpa will move the animals into the barn/coop when it rains and back out again when it's sunny, so you don't need to do so.

There are two categories of animals you can own: poultry and cows.


Poultry animals produce eggs which can be decorated and sold at the Egg Decoration Stand. They need to be fed every day. Other than that, they require no care.

Animal Produce Notes
Chicken Normal Eggs
Quail Quail Eggs
Silkie Silkie Eggs
Turkey Turkey Eggs

Only available after purchasing the "Egg Stand Set" add-on for

400 Wii points. Orders made with Turkey Eggs gain extra points.


Cows produce milk which can be made into ice cream and sold in the Ice Cream Stand. Cows only need to be fed when they are moved into the barn due to the rain. On sunny days they will simply eat grass growing outside. They need to be brushed every day. The silver and gold brushes help to boost cows' mood if they're upset due to being neglected. All brushes can be purchased from the Tool Shop.

Animal Produce Notes
Dairy Cow Normal Milk
Jersey Cow Creamy Milk
Coffee Cow Coffee-flavored Milk
Strawberry Cow Strawberry-flavored Milk

Only available after purchasing the "Ice Cream Set" add-on

for 400 Wii points. Orders made with strawberry-flavored milk gain extra points.

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