In Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns, there are animals that helps you on the farm! Most of them become more and more useful if you higher their affection to the max! Pet them everyday, play with them, and have them help out of your farming! Some of these animals are unable to carry, as for them being too big/heavy. Instead, you would pet them, which is the same as picking the animal up.

Farm Animals

Farm animals are animals that gives you a certain product; it depends on which animal you have. Each of the products you get will be better quality if your affection towards your animals are high. Products are somehow sold to be a higher price than dishes including the product. If any of these farm animals wins contests, they will produce golden egg, milk, etc. They are more valuable, but they do not give you these types of products everyday. Winning contests just highers the chances to get them.

List of Farm Animals

Image Name Unlock Requirements Effects Lifespan
Chicken 840G (Chick), 1,500G (Adult) Produces Eggs 6 Years
Cow 1,570G (Calf), 3,000G (Adult) Produces Milk 7 Years
Sheep 3,150G (Lamb), 7,000G (Adult) Produces Wool 7 Years
Alpaca 18,000G Produces Alpaca Wool 6 Years


Pets are animals that helps you herd animals. They do help you a lot, since if you get home late, forgetting about bring the farm animals back, the animals will be annoyed if you wake them up. They will feel stressed if you have not brought them back for the night. When you first buy a put, the pet does not help you herd your animals until a few days later. Play with them with toys to higher their affection. Pets bought by Grady or Kana does change colors from time to time randomly. It does not do anything, it's just decoration. Their different colors can be seen when buying (selecting). Not all of the following pets are available everyday. The list of animals to buy shifts around.

List of Pets

Image Name Unlock Requirements Effects
Cat 5,000G Herds Chickens
Puppy 5,000G Herds Sheep and Alpacas
Dog 5,000G Herds Cows
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