Introduction: "Tools are in the shed and the pen. Pick them up with A button to get equipped. To use them, push Y button." "Unfortunately, there's nothing for sale here but there will be soon. So please drop by in a while."


When Dialogue
Weekdays (Spring) "Hi, how's your work going? There are some wild dogs, so you should fix the fence."
Weekdays (Summer, Fall) "I wonder if our daughter Ann can get married living like that."
Weekdays (Winter) "I don't like winter because it feels kind of lonely."
Saturdays (Spring, Summer, Winter) "Hi. Are you taking a walk too? It's important to get a few days off. Working hard till late at night will drive you crazy, mentally and physically."
Saturdays (Fall) "Hey, it's strange. She is always here by now. .....oh no, it's nothing at all."
Sundays (Any Season) "I believe God exists. You believe it, don't you?"
At the Bar (Fall and Winter) "I just can't help myself worrying about Ann so much. Mr..., you are of the same generation as Ann. What do you think of her? ....oh, sorry. Maybe I'm a little confused."
Raining/Snowing "Fences are easy to break after rain and snow. Please make new fences after knocking the broken fences down."


When Dialogue
Day Before Hurricane "Oh well, the sky looks threatening. We'll probably have a hurricane tomorrow."
Day After Hurricane "Oh yes, I was pretty surprised."


When Dialogue
Flower Festival "When it comes down to it, I can't buy it."
Harvest Festival "It was delicious. You know, I don't have a wife. No, I'm not saying Ann's dishes are bad. In fact, they taste pretty good once you get used to it."
Thanksgiving Festival "Ann's handmade won't explode, will it?"
Star Night Festival "I happened to be here's coincident...and she happens to be here too."
Day Before the New Years Festival "You should pick a target for next year."
Night Before New Year Festival (At the Bar) "I'd better go home and rest now. I'm going up to the mountain top to see the first sunrise."
New Years Festival "This...this year, I'll tell her..."

"What? Heard something?"

One Time

When Dialogue
First Time at the Bar "Eve lost her parents and her grandfather who is a hunter brought her up. Her grandfather locks himself in the mountain and hardly comes down to the town."

"She may miss him too...but she's always cheerful. Such a nice girl."

Dating Ann

When Dialogue
Ann is at 5 Hearts "Mr. ..., you come here often but you don't want to have a chat with me, do you? I see... maybe it's Ann?"

Player Married to Ann

When Dialogue
Weekdays "How's Ann doing? Is she working well as a good wife? I'm so very worried about her..."
Harvest Festival "Hello, you should eat a lot today. No, it doesn't mean anything."
Thanksgiving Festival "I got a cake from the florist's wife. So glad. its like a dream to me."

Player Married to Someone Else

When Dialogue
At the Bar "The hardest thing to control is love between man and woman."
Married to Nina "I got a cake from the florist's wife. So glad. its like a dream to me."
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