Heart Dialogue[1]

  • First Greeting: "Oh! Hi... What brings you to this village? You're welcome to stay at our inn?"
  • Black Heart: "Welcome, welcome. If you want to place an order, talk to my father."
  • Purple Heart: "Hello, welcome. Plese, take your time."
  • Blue Heart: "You know, my father's always scolding me because I don't act like a girl. I don't mind being a tomboy, and I like my dad for raising me this way. Love... I don't need it."
  • Green Heart: "Hi there, how's that farm doing? Everyting's delicious when you live near farm country. I love to eat!"
  • Yellow Heart: "Oh, hi ____! Come in and take it easy. I suppose girls should be cute, don't you agree?"
  • Orange Heart: "Oh... W...welcome... I've been daydreaming and breaking dishes lately."
  • Red Heart: "............. Oh.... sorry. Um, what did you say?"

Post Marriage

  • Morning and Afternoon: "......." ".... I'm so happy"
  • Noon:".... Say _____♥ What do you want to eat?" "Ouch! I burned myself! Again!"
  • Evening and Night: "........" "Oh, hahahaha, Good night ♥ The day passes so quickly..."
  • When she gets pregnant: "Good morning! I feel much better today!" "I'm OK, I'm O... Oh!"
  • Pregnant after a month: "Look at my belly!! It's getting bigger!" "Do I seem wound up? It's interesting waching my body change... Hahahaha ♥"
  • After the birth: "Ahhhhh, I've got so much to do!" "I thought all babies did was sleep!"

Gift Lines[2]


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