This article is about Ann a character from Harvest Moon GB. You may be looking for Ann in other appearances throughout the series.

Ann runs the Tool Shop in Harvest Moon GB.

Ann will sell you the Saddlebag, Sprinkler, Cheese and Butter makers. The saddle bags and sprinkler are available in your first year, but the cheese and butter makers do not become available until Year 2.

Even though all of the original marriage candidates are in Harvest Moon GB/GBC, there is no marriage in the game.


Main article: Events (HMGB)

There are a few special events with Ann that can be triggered.

GB Watering Can

Spring 11, Year 1

Ann will tell you that she can upgrade your Watering Can. A week after this time, on Spring 18, she will have the upgraded Water Sprinkler available for purchase at her shop.

Summer 20 (Yearly)

Ann comes by your shop after 6pm and asks you to stargaze this evening with her and Eve. You automatically agree and are brought back home after the event with the two girls.

The Weathervane (Random Event)

Ann will stop by your farm in the morning and tell you that during the previous day's storm, the weathervane atop her house was blown away by the strong winds. She thinks it might have landed on your farm and asks if you would check for her.

If you agree, look in front of your Tool Shed. You'll find a little metal bird in front of the door. Activate it using the A button and Ann will appear, thanking you for finding her weathervane.

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