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This article is about Ann a character from Harvest Moon. You may be looking for Ann in other appearances throughout the series.

Ann (アン, An) is one of the eligible brides in Harvest Moon.

Ann works and lives in the Tool Shop with her widowed father. She loves to invent things and tinker with machinery.

Ann's diary is located between two beds in her bedroom at the Tool Shop.


  • Weekdays: Inside the Tool Shop.
  • Saturday: Walking around at the front of the Tool Shop.
  • Sunday: At church.
  • Rain/Snow: At the back room of the Tool Shop.


Gift Preferences
Loved Cake, Corn, Eggs, Fish, Moon Flowers, Mushrooms, Potatoes, Summer Fruit, Tomatoes, Turnips, Wild Grapes, Violet Perfume
Liked Milk, Fullmoon Berry, Flowers
Neutral Cave Herbs, Fodder
Disliked Weeds
Hated Poisonous Mushrooms


Flower Festival: Speak to Ann before anyone else to get an affection bonus. Buy a Violet perfume which will raise her affection level. Choosing to dance with her will also give you an affection bonus.

Harvest Festival: Answer Ann's questions correctly to win points with her, chosing her as your dancing partner will give you an affection bonus.

Star Night Festival: Ann can be found at the Spa on the mountain. Watching the stars with her will give you an affection bonus.

Special Event

This event occurs once you have an affection score of 200 (or 4 hearts in the diary). It will only occur while you are still single. Ann will come to your farm and tells you that her weathercock (aka the wind vane) is missing and asks you to help her find it. You will later find the weathercock in your chicken coop (it will appear in the same spot where your chickens laid their eggs) and when you pick it up,you will automatically or immediately appear before Ann to return her lost weathercock.

Note: If you pick up the weathercock,you will not able to do anything afterward because this event will end on that day and you will wake the next day (meaning you lost a day worth of doing your chores like harvesting crops if you pick it up before doing your daily chores).


  • Although Ann enjoys tinkering with machines, creating new inventions, and cooking; she is seldom successful on them.
  • Her appearance in Harvest Moon is the first appearance she makes. Oddly enough, they only use Ann as an inventor again in Magical Melody, and then her role is changed.
  • If you marry Ann; her father will marry Nina's mother and Nina will be her stepsister
  • She is Rick and Ann's grandmother in Harvest Moon 64.
  • If you go into the Bar and talk to the Fortune-Teller, she says that she is a midwife and delivered both Maria and Ann.
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