• Introduction: "Heh, you are the owner of the ranch. I'm Ann. Nice to meet you."
  • "Stamina decreases when you use tools. Eat food or sleep in the bed to recover."


  • Raining: "I hate rain. It feels depressing. I like when it pours."
  • Spring, Weekdays: "I'm going to make great tools like my dad!"
  • "Well...I don't know why feels good in spring. I go like "OK, it's show time!"
  • Spring, Saturday: "Yes, I feel relaxed outside...I haven't been out for a while."
  • Summer, Weekdays: "I love summer though it's hot."
  • Summer, Saturday: "No idea comes out under this heat!"
  • Autumn, Weekdays: "Well, constant effort is important, you know. They say success comes from failure."
  • "It seems a little different from the plan I had but... no big deal."
  • Autumn, Saturday: "Let's do our best, shall we?"
  • Winter, Weekdays: "It looks cold outside. It turns white when you breathe out, doesn't it?"
  • Winter, Saturday: "The mountain is covered with snow by now."
  • Snowing: "It's cold outside, isn't it? I have a fireplace in the back room so warm yourself."


  • Day before Hurricane: "I don't know why but I get excited when something like a hurricane comes. Don't you?"
  • Day after Hurricane: "I think the precious weather-cock was blown away."


  • Give her a Cake: "Thank you. It looks delicious."
  • Give her a Flower: "Wow, thanks a lot. Mmm, it smells so good."
  • Give her a Vegetable: "Thank you. It looks delicious."
  • Give her an Egg/Milk: "Thank you. It looks delicious."
  • Give her Wild Grapes/Tropical Fruit/Mushroom: "Thank you. It looks delicious."
  • Give her a Fish: "Thank you. It looks delicious."
  • Give her an Herb: "Thank you."
  • Give her Fodder: "Thank you."
  • Give her a Weed: "Are you playing a nasty trick on me?"
  • Give her a Poison Mushroom: "Are you playing a nasty trick on me?"
  • Give her a Fullmoon Berry: "Thank you. It looks delicious."
  • Give Violet Perfume: "Wow, thanks a lot. Mmm, it smells so good."
  • Give Lilac Perfume: "Thank you."
  • Give Rose Perfume: "I don't like this smell so much."


  • Day before Flower Festival: "It's the Flower Festival tomorrow. It's good to relax once in a while."
  • Flower Festival (1-3 hearts): "Dad wanders like that every year."

"It's good to be at a festival like this for a change."

  • Flower Festival (4-5 hearts): "Let see... I don't have a character to fit the flowers."
  • Flower Festival (6+hearts): "He probably likes the type of girl who is fond of flowers."
  • Day before Harvest Festival:"Have you decided what to take to the festival? I want to complete my machine and present it in public."
  • Harvest Festival, 1st Year:"Taraah, it's an Auto Harvesting Machine! Switch it on."

(Push) "Sorry, failed." (No) "What are you afraid of? ...No, this isn't right." "I thought it would be OK this time..."

  • Harvest Festival, 2nd Year:"This is it! Ultra Special Auto Harvesting Machine!!! .....Hey, you don't seem to trust me. Don't say a word, just turn it on! On!"

(Push) "Sorry, failed." (I'd never push) "...Weird." "I thought it would be OK this time..."

  • Egg Festival:"Alright, I'll try to win this year."
  • After Egg Festival: "Puff-puff...don' me...please?"


  • Thanksgiving Festival:"I'll give it to you. I'm not sure if it tastes good or not."

"You want medicine just in case?"

  • Day before Star Night Festival:"Tomorrow? Heh-heh, I'm going to a wonderful place."
  • Star Night Festival (1-3 hearts):"I take a hot spring bath, watching stars like this. It's just like paradise, isn't it?"
  • Star Night Festival (4-5 hearts):"Hey, you probably think I'm a monkey or something, right? .........That's OK with me though."
  • Star Night Festival (6+ hearts):"......Say, we don't often see someone late at night like this, especially at a place like here....... Not like me but I'm kind of nervous.... .......Hey, are you listening to me?"
  • Day before New Years Festival:".....this year is ending. I'll develop and complete a great machine next year."

After Marriage

Every wife says the following lines:

  • Saturday: "Honey, the shop is closed because it's Saturday today."
  • Sunday, Sunny, in the house: "It's warm. Such a comfortable Sunday."
  • Sunday, Raining, in the house: "It's kind of disappointing when the weather is not good on Sunday."
  • Sunday, in the shed: "There are no Sundays at ranch."
  • In the house (Always): "Darling, please take care of yourself."
  • Every night: "Thank you for your trouble, darling." (Ann gives you a fish)
  • Before a hurricane: "Have you put the livestock in the pen? Let's lock the doors later and go to bed."
  • During a hurricane: "It's impossible to go out today."
  • After a hurricane: "Let's look around the ranch. There will be trouble if the fences are broken."
  • Thanksgiving Festival: "It's Thanksgiving Festival today. Here you are, darling. Thank you for working hard for me every day."

"Please work well from now on."


Some lines are shared with another wife, most are unique.

  • Day after Marriage: "Good morning....da-darling. Be happy together from now on."
  • Raining: "Do you work on a day like this?"
  • Spring, Weekdays, in the house: "I've got to do my best today also."
  • Spring, in the shed: "I'll try my best to make something that will help you."

"Yes, spring is wonderful."

  • Summer, Weekdays, in the house: "Various disasters can happen in summer so you better watch the weather forecast every day."
  • "I hear wild dogs sometimes come around here. It's dangerous to keep fences broken."

"I hope I'll be able to cook better step by step. ......please be patient."

  • Summer, Weekdays, in the shed: "Honey, please work well."

"I'll take care of those tools too. .....Don't worry. I won't break any."

  • Autumn, Weekdays, in the house: "I wish I had trained a little to be a wife."
  • Autumn, Weekdays, in the shed: "'Auto Milking & Yogurt-Maker: Special Version' I wish it would be finished by spring..."

"It seems a little different from the plan I had big deal."

  • Winter, Weekdays (Always in the house):"I won't play with machines for the time being. I'm going to stay at home."
  • Snowing: "What snow! I can hardly wait for spring."
  • Pregnant: "Well...Uummm...say...I...umm.. I guess I'm pregnant."

Day after becoming pregnant "Will you think of a name for the baby?"

  • Advanced Pregnancy: "I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl."
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