This article is about April, a character from The Lost Valley. You may be looking for April, a character from Seeds of Memories.

April is a bachelorette in Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.

April works with her mother Iris in the family's flower shop. She loves flowers and hopes to one day take over her mother's shop.

April is very gentle and kind, but she is also painfully shy. Her mother is worried about April's seemingly low self-esteem, although she is very well liked by all the townsfolk. Although April is a talented florist, she is very hard on herself, and is constantly feeling as if her work is never good enough. 

As chemistry with April builds, she becomes more confident in herself. Her requests all have to do with decorating the valley with flowers.[2] She will be at the front of your house on Wednesdays and Thursdays.[3]


You'll only be able to accept her requests after a certain amount of chemistry happens between you two and when she is in front of your home.

April's Bouquet 1

  • Need 3 Pink Pansies
  • Reward: 5 Yellow Pansy Seeds

April's Bouquet 2

  • Need 6 Pink Pansies
  • Reward: 5 Purple Pansy Seeds

April's Bouquet 3

  • Need 3 Marguerites, 6 Pink Pansies
  • Reward: Fertilizer Recipe

April's Bouquet 4

  • Need 6 Marguerites, 1 Tulip
  • Reward: Berry Blend Fertilizer recipe

April's Bouquet 5

  • Need 3 Sunflowers, 6 Marguerites, 6 Pink Dahlias
  • Reward: Tomato Blend Fertilizer recipe


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