The Art Festival is a festival in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

A Fall festival that takes place on the 12th of Fall. The player can buy unique items here such as furniture and jewlery. It is the only place in the game to buy a large fridge. The Square will be set up in the same way as a Flea Market, and works similarly.


Mira's Shop

Item Cost
Toy Ring 645 G
Black Pearl Ring 1800 G
Emerald Ring 1470 G
Toy Brooch 195 G
Topaz Brooch 855 G
Sapphire Brooch 570 G
Toy Pendant 945 G
Ruby Pendant

1725 G

Diamond Pendant 2400 G

Bo's Shop

Item Cost
Cuckoo Clock 750 G
Sofa (Small Urban) 750 G
Sofa (Small Lovely) 780 G
Sofa (Large Urban) 1650 G
Sofa (Large Lovely) 1875 G
Potbelly Stove 1350 G
Stool (Lovely) 450 G
Chair (Lovely)

720 G

Phone (Royal) 1050 G
Stool (Chic) 375 G
Chair (Chic) 675 G

Owen's Shop

Item Cost
Calender Simple 150 G
Phone (T) Simple 825 G
Sofa (Small Simple) 750 G
Sofa (Large Simple) 1650 G
Refigerator (Small Simple) 1350 G
Refigerator (Medium Simple) 2700 G
Refigerator (Large Simple) 4200 G
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