"It can break apart branches.
After its level goes up, it
can also split stumps.
―The Song Hour

The Ax is a type of tool in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

Depending on the level, it can be used for chopping branches and splitting stumps. It can be upgraded by giving the appropriate ore, along with a fee, to Saibara at the Blacksmith Shop. Every 100% allows a specific upgrade (indicated by a miniature ore icon). Tool upgrade levels are displayed in the tools menu.



By default, the Ax is able to cut branches. Cutting one branch will yield one piece of lumber.

Copper Ax

Upgrade cost: Copper ore (x1) + 1,000G

The Copper Ax is able to split a stump with 6 fully-charged strikes. Splitting a stump will yield 6 pieces of lumber.

Silver Ax

Upgrade cost: Silver ore (x1) + 2,000G

The Silver Ax is able to split a stump with 3 fully-charged strikes.

Gold Ax

Upgrade cost: Gold ore (x1) + 3,000G

The Gold Ax is able to split a stump with 2 fully-charged strikes.

Mystrile Ax

Upgrade cost: Mystrile ore (x1) + 5,000G

The Mystrile Ax is able to split a stump with 1 fully-charged strike.

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