The Axe is a tool used in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

The axe is used to chop down trees and to destroy stumps which will allow you to collect lumber. In order to obtain the axe, the player must visit Praline Woods for their first time and meet Luke. After the two of you are introduced, Luke will give you an axe for free. 

You can charge up the axe's power by holding down the A button. You will be able to chop down trees and stumps faster the more the tool is upgraded. 

Skill Level

As your skill level increases, you can strike trees less often for the same effect.

Skill Level Abilities
Skill Level 1 Trees require 12 hits, stumps requires 2 hits.
Skill Level 2 Trees require 8 hits, stumps requires 1 hit.
Skill Level 3 Trees requires 4 hits, stumps requires 1 hit.
Skill Level 4 Trees requires 2 hits, stumps requires 1 hit.
Skill Level 5 Trees and stumps can be cleared in a single hit.


You can buy tool upgrades from Ramsey at the tool shop. You will need to pay a small fee and bring in the required metal in order to upgrade. Alternatively, you can also buy the upgrades from the General Store for more money. 

Tool Level Requirements Stamina Usage
Starting Axe Starter Axe.  -30
Iron Axe 1 piece of Iron Metal, 1000 G -25
Copper Axe 1 piece of Copper Metal, 2500 G -20
Silver Axe 1 piece of Silver Metal, 5000 G -15
Gold Axe 1 piece of Gold Metal, 10000 G -10
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