• Introductory Line: "Hey, you're a new face! ___ is your name? I'm Ayame. I'm a doctor. Come see me if you need me."
  • "Good morning, ___. How are you feeling? If you're sleepy, try some exercise to wake up!"
  • "Good morning, ____. I have low blood sugar, so mornings are tough for me... I'm always sleepy..."
  • "Hi. ___, I can read you like a book. I know just what you're thinking."
  • "Hi, ___. How's work? Don't be loafing around! Keep working hard!" 
  • "Ugh. Mornings. Being sleepy can be dangerous. You're clumsier and more likely to injure yourself."
  • "Evening, ___. It's time to be geting to bed. A doctor should set a good example."
  • "Evening, ___. I'm glad you stopped by, but yo have an early start tomorrow, so go home to bed!"
  • "Oh boy, today just flew by. Not a moment's rest...."


  • "What's up? Are you feeling ill? No? That's good."
  • "Are you hurt? Anything wrong with you? If so, let me know."
  • Low stamina: "Face me for a second... Open wide... Okay, good. Things look okay, but you should probably still get to bed early tonight. All done!"
  • Day off: "I worked a lot this week. Today I want to get away from the clinic for awhile."
  • When shown the blue feather: "Well now! A blue feather! So you're proposing to someone? Don't mess it up! I'm rooting for you!"
  • During a typhoon: "I hope everyone has the good sense to stay indoors today. It's dangerous out there."
  • After a typhoon: "I always feel a little down in bad weather like yesterday's storm."
  • Snowstorm: "This snow is terribly heavy. Stay inside and keep warm!"

At Tea House:

  • "What should I have today? Do you recommend anything, ___?"
  • "You wonder why I don't cook? It's not that I CAN'T cook, I just don't have time. And I hate the set-up and clean-up. What a waste of time!"
  • "Mmm. Delicious! The food here is heavenly. Just like Mom's cooking."

Flower Quotes

  • One flower: "Come on in. Make yourself some tea if you'd like."
  • Three flowers: "Let me know if you ever get injured. The faster you treat an injury, the better it's likely to heal."
  • Four flowers: "I'm always happy to see you, ___. You're good company."
  • Five flowers: "How are things on your farm? Could I come by and see it some time? I'm interested to see what farming life is like."
  • Six flowers: "In Konohana, people rarely get sick. It's probably all the clean air and fresh crops. It certainly makes my job easy!"


  • Liked: "I'm thrilled! I just can't resist this. Thanks!"
  • Neutral: "Is this for me? How nice of you. Thanks."
  • Disliked: "I just can't stand this. But I'll take it off your hands."
  • Multiple Gifts: "Oh, another gift today? Hmm, I have to decline. Sorry."

Birthday Gift:

  • "Thanks to you, this will be a birthday to remember, ___. "
  • "So you knew it was my birthday today? I'm thrilled!"

Festival Quotes

Cooking Festival

  • You live in Konohana and win:
    • "____, you're an incredible cook! I could eat your home-made food any time!"
    • "To be self taught and win like that shows hard work! Congrats! 
  • You live in Konohana and lost: "Oh fiddlesticks! We lost! Cheer me up somehow, kiddo!"
  • You live in Bluebell and win: "___, I want to enter the Cooking Festival with you. For Konohana of course."

Crop Festival:

  • Lose: "Oh boy, and my hopes were so high... We'll get it next time."

Moon Viewing Festival:

  • "Ah... Sometimes it's fun to just take some time to relax like this, huh?"

Flower Festival:

  • "A flower for me? Thanks! That's sweet."

New Years Festival:

"Today's festival will be fun. I'm just worried that someone might get hurt..."

After a Festival:

  • "Since nothing went wrong, I can sleep easy tonight."
  • "Ah, it's finally over. I was worried that somebody would get sick or hurt."
  • "I'm glad nobody got injured at the festival. What a relief."
  • "What a nice, relaxing day. I know I'll wake up feeling refreshed tomorrow."
  • Ah, what a good feeling. I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight."

You live in Bluebell and come over on a festival day:  "Just here to watch the festival? That's fine."

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