The Bar is a location in Harvest Moon 64.

It is owned and run by Duke, and Karen works as a waitress (but quits if the player marries her). Many villagers come here to rest or socialize when work hours are over. It is open from 6PM until midnight, and is closed on Sundays and festival days.

The Bar is located in upper Flowerbud Village, below the Flowerbud Village Square and beside the Church.


The Bar serves alcoholic beverages as well as milk and water. Each alcoholic drink consumed will raise the player's alcohol tolerance, which allows him to out-drink other villagers during the New Year's Day festival.

Product Cost
Wine 300G
Liquor 300G
Beer 350G
Milk 150G
Water Free


  • The bar is a perfect location for the player to fully upgrade all their tools in one night. Once the player is too exhausted to continue, they can purchase water for free, which restores a little bit of stamina (usually ten or more will fully restore it). This can, however, make them more vulnerable to getting sick.
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