The Bar is run strictly by Wallace in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland.

Since Katie isn't allowed to be in the bar when it's open, Wallace takes every order and serves the dishes. Regardless, it's still a good place to find Wallace late into the evening.

The dishes are a different than what they serve at the Cafe, but it's still a good place to replenish stamina and energy when you need it. The Bar is open from 6PM-12AM.


Item  Price
Nut Wine 200G
Wheat Wine 250G
Water 50g
Milk 150g
Herb Wine 350g
Fish Meal 500g
S.Mushrooms 400g
T.Salad 400g
A.Cheese 500g
F.Fries 400g

Selling Prices

Item Price
Very Berry 10g
Cranberry 20g
Blueberry 20g
Walnut 20g
Mushroom 20g
Medium Fish 80g
Large Fish 120g
Cheese 500g
Potato 60g
Tomato 120g
Corn 120g
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