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Barbara (ブラン Buran, lit. Blanc) is a character in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.

Barbara works at the General Store in the Garmon Mines District. Although her daughter Phoebe and husband Simon live with her, she is the sole operator of the store. She is cheerful, and very kind.

Barbara sells a variety of very useful items at her store that are used to increase your farm and home, such as cooking utensils, furniture, and makers. Her husband worries a lot about their daughter, Phoebe, but Barbara shares her daughter's interest in mining and ores and is often very laid back and lets her daughter roam free.

Barbara is a fan of ores, and treasure hunting. During the New Year's Eve Festival, Barbara also has her own stall where she will sell cooking utensils and appliances. They are in unique colors and styles that you will only be able to get at the festival.

The General Store is closed on Thursdays, which is one of the only times you will see Barbara leave the store. When Barbara isn't working, she can be seen outside in the Garmon Mines District (except in poor weather). 

Gifts [1]

Gift Preferences
Loved Amber Accessories, Bell Pepper: Shining, Cherry: Shining, Clam, Marmalade, Orange Ice Cream, Orange Juice, Ratatouille, Topaz Accessories, Vegetable Juice
Liked Anemone, Blackberry Juice, Bodigizer XL, Boiled Egg, Cherry: Good/Perfect, Chicken Egg: Shining, Chrysanthemum, Cookies, Flax Yarn: Perfect, Green Bell Flower, Green Tea, Grilled Bonito, Herbal Tea, Hibiscus, Hyacinth, Lavender, Mayonnaise: Shining, Morning Glory, Pansy, Pinkcat Flower, Pudding, Royal Jelly, Salt: Shining, Silk Yarn: Yellow, Snowflake Flower, Soba Flour: Good/Perfect/Shining, Strawberry Milk, Sunflower, Sushi: Shining, Tulip, Wool Yarn: Yellow
Neutral Blueberry, Horse Mackerel, Mushroom, Purple Herb, Purple Wonderful, Raspberry, Sakura Seashell, Sardine, Sashimi, Tomato
Disliked Rubber Boot, Empty Can, Algae, Swim Trunks, Squid, Octopus, Failed Recipes, Grilled Squid, Junk Ore, Scrap Metal, Spaghetti Pescatore, Squid Ink Spaghetti


Ore Request

Befriend Barbara and get her heart level up to 3 hearts or more to see this event.[2] Walk into the General Store when Barbara is working, and she will ask if you've been to the mines. She expresses that she has an interest in finding a chunk of Rare Ore. She asks you to find some for her, and if you do, she will reward you! This event is not timed, and can be fulfilled whenever it is that you've found the ore.

Return with a chunk of Rare Ore once you've found some. Rare Ore can be found in any of the three mines (Upper Garmon Mine, Lower Garmon Mine, and the Watery Cave), and is found on higher numbered floors. You only need to return one piece of ore to Barbara. In return, Barbara will give you Perfect Butter and Perfect Cheese.

Barbara's Treasure Maps

Besides selling furniture and makers, Barbara also sells many treasure maps in her store. When purchased, they will give the player a vague clue of a spot to search in Mineral Town where they will find treasure. Upgrade the General Store to get access to more maps. The more expensive the map is, the harder the clue is to uncover.[3]

Below is a table of the maps, their clues, location, and treasure. This is completely optional, and yields no other reward other then the treasure you find with each map.[4]

Name of Map



Treasure Location


Map of Fire


An isolated island in a sea of red. No one would dare come here.

30th floor of Garmon Mine. Jump to the small island and examine it.

Lapis Luzuli

Map of Bond


3 flowers, 4 hearts. I am a red bow tie.

Go to the bedroom area in Sonata Tailoring. There will be stickers above one of the beds, examine the stickers.


Map of Mirrors


Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Let's have a staring contest.

Examine the mirror in Witch's house. Amber
Map of Splash 444G Unnatural wave pattern. Same number, left and right. Stand in the middle of the bridge in Garmon Mines District. Position yourself in front of the waterfall in between the two cliffs, and turn facing against the waterfall. Examine the middle of the bridge. Peridot
Map of Drip 555G A dark, and very cold room in the water. Situated right in the middle. Stand in the middle of the room on the 50th floor of the Watery Cave. Examine around this area. Spinal
Map of Sneaking 666G A fatso sitting near the purple roof, looking very lonely. Beside Julius' house in Flute Fields is a barrel. Examine the barrel to get the treasure. Diamond
Map of Wings 777G Who is taller, soaring above the family that is fishing? Go onto the roof of the Fishery. There are two chimneys on the rooftop. Examine the taller chimney. Ruby
Map of Pastrol 888G It's hot every day. *croak* Welcome! *croak* You will need access to Toucan Island. Using the boat, go to Toucan Island and approach the Pineapple Inn. On the left side of the door is a blue frog sign that you can examine. Crystal
Map of Goddess 999G Between the warmth of green and light blue, two spots of red lay close. You will need access to Toucan Island. To to the southwestern part of the island and walk along the shoreline. Follow the shoreline to a rocky shore area, examine around here to find the remaining treasure. Jade


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