Extended Barn

The Barn is is a type of farm building in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature.

The Barn can house Cows and Sheep. After purchasing livestock from Barley, at Yodel Ranch, they will automatically be sent to the player's barn.

To move livestock in and out of the barn, push them to the barn door. The Bell can be used to herd livestock toward the player.


Normal Barn

Not Barn

Barn without expansion

By default, the barn will hold up to ten Cows or Sheep in any combination. It includes 1 Shipping bin and 1 Feed dispenser.

Barn Extension

Barn 2

Expanded Barn with Sheeps

Gotz, at the Woodcutter's House, can remodel the barn. The Barn extension costs 6,800G and 500 Lumber, and adds 10 Feed boxes and 1 Feed dispenser.

Cheese Maker

Yarn and Cheese

2 of the OO Makers

Main article: Cheese Maker (BTN)

With an upgraded Barn, Saibara will sell the Cheese Maker at the Blacksmith. It costs 20,000G and one Adamantite ore.

Adding Milk to the Cheese Maker creates Cheese. The size of the Milk added determines the size of Cheese produced.

​Yarn Ball Maker

Main article: Yarn Ball Maker (BTN)

Saibara will also sell the Yarn Ball Maker. It costs 20,000G and one Adamantite ore.

Adding Wool to the Yarn Ball Maker creates a Yarn ball. Wool G (Golden wool) will become Yarn ball G (Golden yarn ball). 

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