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This article is about Basil, a character from Harvest Moon 64. You may be looking for Basil in his other appearances throughout the series.

Basil is a character from Harvest Moon 64.

He is Lillia's husband and Popuri's father, and travels around outside of the game for much of the seasons. He's a botanist in search of new plants to bring back to his wife so she can sell them at the Flower Shop.

Among the specimens he brings back are the Pink Cat Mint Flowers that are only sold during the Flower Festival on the 23rd day of Spring, and the Blue-Mist Flower. The Pink Cat Mint Flowers are things you can buy and grow on your farm, however, the Blue Mist flower is just a side quest and opportunity to earn a photograph from Popuri.

Basil arrives in the spring and leaves in the fall. This is something that stresses his wife out because she is lonely and it makes Popuri have somewhat of a mean streak.

If the player becomes good enough friends with Basil, when he returns from one of his trips, he will give the player a Power Berry.


Basil Leaves

Basil will come to the farm to inform you that he is leaving for now and will be back in the spring. He will come any time between the 5th of Fall until the 30th of Winter, when you enter the screen to your farm.[1]

Basil Returns

When Basil returns each Spring, he will come and visit your farm. He will come back between the 15th of Spring and the 30th. In the 1st year, he will introduce himself, and there will be a scene with Popuri.[2] If it is Year 2 or later, and his affection is 199 or lower, he will simply come to check up on you.[3] If it is Year 2 or later and his friendship is 200 or higher, he will give you the Power Berry.[4]


  • According to Lillia, Basil named Popuri even before she was born. 


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