• Evening: "Good evening!"


  • Saying goodbye: "Bye!"
  • Basil returns to the village in Spring: "Good morning. A little bird told me that there's lots of greenery and flowers! I came back because I'm happy. Please be kind again!"
  • When shown your child: "Children are the fruit of union, a breath of love. Cherish it."
  • You are married to somebody else: "Marriage sure is nice. It's life's spring season! You two please walk a wonderful path!"


  • Rainy day below 4 hearts: "Rain is a blessing from heaven."
  • Rainy day at least 4 hearts: "Humans and plants cannot live without water. We must be thankful."


  • Loves Line: "Wow, can I really have this? Thank you. I'll cherish it!"
  • Likes Line: "Oh, I'm happy."
  • Neutral Line: "Well, thank you!"
  • Dislikes Line: "Sorry, I don't think I can...okay?"

Heart Lines

  • 1st Line: "I came to this village to collect various plants. Are you interested in plants?"
  • 0 hearts: "I'm doing research on plants. It's been years of rewarding work."
  • 1 heart: "This is an interesting place, isn't it? There are so many intriguing plants here! My heart flutters!"
  • 2 hearts: "I was born in a distant country. It's an old place where there are still many plant researchers."
  • 3 hearts: "Plants wither away in the winter, right? In such a season, I set off to a greener land in pursuit of plants!"
  • 4 hearts: "My dream is a continued study of plants. I want to see the plants of the world with these eyes."
  • 5 hearts: "There's a floral language, right? It's a bother for flowers to have an arbitrary image attached to them. But I think adding flowers to a gift is fine."
  • 6 hearts: "I used to think that I wouldn't have to study when I grew up. That was a huge mistake. People study their whole lives."
  • 7 hearts: "Plants have an image of being feeble, but they're very hardy. No matter what location they struggle to put out buds. I'd like to emulate that."
  • 8 hearts: "Your smile is just like a moondrop flower. Shy but also bright and soothing."
  • 9-10 hearts: "You slipped into my heart like a refreshing spring breeze. I don't think I can live without you."

Marriage Lines

  • Accepted Proposal: "I see. Actually, I was aware of your feelings. I’m frustrated you beat me to this planting. Of course, OK!"
  • Marriage Lines: "Our life together begins this day. Hmm. As my wife, what should I call you? Pick a loving name okay? Sounds good, In fact, it sounds mesmerizing!" 
  • "I swear to make it so that your bright smile never fades for even one instant!"
  • "No matter how much I receive it's not enough. No matter how much I give, it's not enough. Oh... this is love, isn't it?"
  • Goodbye lines: "What is it, [player]? I love you!"
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