Bastian's Inn in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village.

Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM

Bastian's Inn is a restaurant that opens once Bastian and Elise come to town after they were away for a short while. The Resturant opens right after that. Bastian sells also salt and sugar for cooking. Fish, crops, and produce can be sold here, even for more than Sam's.


More Food and Recipes options unlock as you complete Bastian's requests.


Item Price Unlocked
Bread 338G Default
Baguette 506G
Butter 375G
Cheese 375G
Boiled Egg 281G
Fried Egg 281G
Sugar 30G Default
Salt 30G Default
Flour 169G


Item Price Unlocked
Bread 100G Default
Baguette 200G
Apple Jam 300G Request 3 (?)
Mayonnaise 100G
Butter 100G
Cheese 100G
Yogurt 300G
Boiled Egg 100G
Fried Egg 100G
Blueberry Pie 800G Request 3 (?)
Cranberry Pie 800G Request 3 (?)
Peach Pie 800G Request 3 (?)
Trout Acqua Pazza 1000G
Tilapia All'acqua Pazza 1000G
Strawberry Cake 800G
Watermelon Cake 800G Request 2 (?)
Green Smoothie 300G
Tomato Juice 300G
Potato Salad 400G
Green Salad 400G


Can sell only fish, crops, and produces from animals


Item Price
Rainbow Trout 500G
Perch 170G
Barbatus 150G
Bluegill 120G
Perch 170G
Yellow Perch 170G


Item Price
Cabbage 50G
Red Cabbage 180G
Celery 90G
White Celery 180G
Mystic Herb 225G
Onion 135G
Great Onion 203G
Scallion 225G
Strawberry 90G
Great Strawberry 135G
Tomato 90G
Great Tomato 135G
San Marzano 180G
Corn 45G
Great Corn 68G
Fodder Corn 45G
Great Fodder Corn 68G
Sweet Corn 135G
Green Pepper 90G
Great Green Pepper 135G
Red Peper 180G
Wheat 45G
Durum Wheat 45G
Barley 45G
Hot Pepper 135G
Great Hot Pepper 203G
Potato 135G
Great Potato 203G
Purple Potato 225G
Carrot 90G
Great Carrot 135G
Pumpkin 135G
Great Pumpkin 203G
Blueberry 135G
Great Blueberry 203G
Asparagus 180G
Spinach 90G
Great Spinach 135G
Baby Spinach 180G
Broccoli 135G
Great Broccoli 203G
Watermelon 270G


Item Price
Milk 75G
Great Milk 113G
Ultimate Milk 150G
Egg 45G
Great Egg 68G


Item Price
Sugar 23G
Salt 23G
Flour 68G
Great Flour 135G
Fried Egg
Great Fried Egg 135G
Yorgurt 113G
Great Yorgurt 135G
Grilled Perch 149G
Grilled Bluegill 105G
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