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Becky Branch is a character in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

Becky is the daughter of Jonathan and Vanessa Branch. Her brothers are Lionel and Simon. She lives with her family at their large autofarm.

She is an energetic and spirited girl who seems to be the most ambitious of the three Branch children. She often teases her brothers. She is best friends with Marcia.

Becky is passionate about horses and helps her father take care of them at the farm during weekends and evenings after school. She attends school like other children and can be found at the Volcano Town School during the weekdays in the morning.

On weekends during the daytime, she is found spending time with horses at the Branch family farm. Her and Marcia spend Tuesday evenings together at the restaurant. On Saturday evenings, she goes shopping at the supermarket with her parents. On Sundays, she and her brother Simon take Nana's music class at Volcano Town School. 

There is an event with Becky that can be triggered by speaking with her after fufilling two objectives for Liberta's dictionary. She will read you a story about a legendary white rose, and later on when you go to bed, you will have a dream about being married to Becky.  
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