There are four types of honey bees:

  • Honey Bees- yellow colored and are common in the River, Mountain, and Forest areas. Appear during Spring, Summer, and Fall; however they are not in the Mountain Area during Summer and Fall.
  • Western Honey Bee -pink colored and are found during Summer and Fall seasons in the Forest and Mountain area.
  • Eastern Honey Bee -blue colored, appear starting in year 2 or later. In Summer in the Forest area and in Fall it might appear in the Mountain.
  • Mountain Honey Bee - silver colored, not very common, and can only be found at the Ancient Ruins.


  • You need to buy this blueprint from Rebecca's shop, it costs 500G, and is available when you unlock Town Restoration Plan #2. To build it you will need 8 Small Lumber + 5 Honeycomb.
  • Honeycomb is a wild item from the River, Mountain, and Forest areas. Can't be found during Summer season!!!

Making Honey

  • Bees will produce honey every 6 days if it is sunny. However, if there is a rainy day then the bees will be dormant and it will add a day to the production time.
  • The Beehive will sparkle when there is honey ready to be picked
  • Each freshly seeded Beehive will produce an item at .5 Stars.Therefore, to increase the Star Rank of the honey, you need to use perfume. Perfume is made by using the Miller machine inside of the Maker Shed.


  • To increase the production of the hive, place other hives next to each other. When the corner of four active Beehives connect, the Beehives will double their production value.
  • Bees that are not being use put them in the storage box. The honey bees don't decay and can be kept until next year.
  • There is a Beekeeping  festival on Spring 22
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