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Big G is a character in Doraemon: Story of Seasons.


(Noby's classmate. A violent person, but a boy with strong friendship. He work as an apprentice of the carpenter "Tontenkan", spend every day to training.)

Carpenter event (Time TV)

Chapter 0 "Helping Big G"


Chapter 1 "Quite Artisan"

  • Big G, Pent 1❤︎
  • Go to Harappa Square at 11AM~1PM.

Chapter 2 "The Pupil"

  • Big G 3❤︎ | Pent 2❤︎
  • Go to West Natura at 10AM~2PM

Chapter 3 "Whereabouts"

  • Pent 3❤︎
  • Go to Harappa Square 12PM

Chapter 4 "Time TV"

  • Big G, Pent 4❤︎
  • Go to Carpenter Shop at 8PM

Carpenter event

Chapter 5~14 go to Pent page.

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