The Blacksmith is a location and shop in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. It is located in the Garmon Mine District.

The Blacksmith is run by Ramsey and is open from 8 AM until 8 PM. His grandson, Owen, and granddaughter, Chloe, live with him in the shop and Owen is Ramsey's apprentice. Ramsey is able to upgrade your tools, but you are unable to do so until you ring the Red Bell. Ramsey is only able to upgrade tools with refined metals.

To get the shop to upgrade to level two, you must ring the Red Bell. To upgrade to level 4, ship 15,000 G worth of mined items through your shipping box. For level four, ship 35,000 G worth of items through the shipping box and summon the Harvest King. 


Metal Upgrade Level Materials Price
Iron (Sickle, Hoe, Axe, Hammer, Watering Can) 1 3 Iron 2400 G
Iron Fishing Pole 1 3 Iron 1800 G
Copper (Sickle, Hoe, Axe, Hammer, Watering Can) 2 3 Copper 6000 G
Copper Fishing Pole 2 3 Copper 4800 G
Silver (Sickle, Hoe, Axe, Hammer, Watering Can) 2 3 Silver 12,000 G
Silver Fishing Pole 2 3 Silver 9600 G
Gold (Sickle, Hoe, Axe, Hammer, Watering Can) 3 3 Gold 24,000 G
Gold Fishing Pole 3 3 Gold 14,400 G
Goddess (Sickle, Hoe, Axe, Hammer, Watering Can) 4 3 Rare Metal 48,000 G
Goddess Fishing Pole 4 3 Rare Metal 36,000 G
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