Blacksmith (BTN)

The Blacksmith, also known as "Saibara Blacksmith," is a location and shop in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

Saibara runs the shop with assistance from his grandson, Gray. Saibara can upgrade many of the player's tools. He also sells specialty tools. The shop is open from 10am to 4pm, and closed on Thursdays and holidays.


In order to upgrade a tool, you must have both the tool and the appropriate ore for the job. Moreover, you must have gained enough experience with the tool to be able to upgrade it. Ores can be found in the Waterfall Mine by digging with the Hoe.


Tool Price
Brush   800G 
Clippers 1,800G
Milker 2,000G


Tool Cost Days
Copper Tool 1,000G 3
Silver Tool 2,000G 3
Gold Tool 3,000G 3
Mystrile Tool 5,000G 3

Winter Ores

Saibara also uses some winter ores that can only be found on the Winter Mine to make the OO Makers and accessories for a girl.

Maker or Accessory Ore Cost Days
Mayonnaise Maker Adamantite Ore 20,000G 5
Yarn Maker Adamantite Ore 20,000G 5
Cheese Maker Adamantite Ore 20,000G 5
Accessory Orichalcum Ore 1,000G 3

Note: The Accessory received will be random and can be an earring, necklace, etc.

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