• Clara AD

    I'm back playing Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns and I decided to make dialogues for portrait-less villagers. This blog will be constantly updated!

    • "Make sure your animals stay inside on rainy days. They'll get stressed out if they get wet, so be careful."
    • "When it's sunny out, be sure to let your animals run tree! They'll love it!"
    • "This wood grain is so nice... Is it weird that I kinda wanna rub it against my cheek?"
    • "Wow, look at the quality of this wood! The gloss is incredible!"
    • "Do you know Wayne, the mailman? You could say I'm a huge admirer of his. ♪"
    • "I don't really need to send any letters, but I'm writing one just so I can visit the postman. Now I have a pen indentation on my finger, but it's worth it as I get to see Way…

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  • DawnTheWitch


    January 17, 2020 by DawnTheWitch

    I'm Dawn the Witch! I'm new here so here's a bit of an introduction. I've always loved playing Harvest Moon ever since I started playing Tree of Tranquility (Chase is best boy, fight me). I've played New Beginnings, Animal Parade, Tree of Tranquility, and Island of Happiness. Got inspired to join after replaying ToT and noticing some mistakes in some of the articles. Hope to make this place a bit better!

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    I'm hoping that a return to Mineral Town means a return to Forget-Me-Not Valley in a future game. I said it before but A Wonderful Life was my childhood, my first HM game. It was so much fun existing with the other villagers, pretending to play hide and seek, pretending to hit and run, pretending to freak the villagers out by following them, "evesdropping" on them, camping outside houses (oh so that's why Marlin hated me), listening to Lumina's piano, helping Hugh win by distracting his dad, beating Wally by taking the shortcut (I swear the AI picked up on this, Wally always looked mad afterwards and Hugh was crying), donating money to Murrey, a night at the tavern after a long day of trolling the villagers, I have more stories to tell but…

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  • Awyman13

    Hello everyone! My name is Awyman13 and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for the . I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, etc., please contact me on my talk page.

    Here are some handy links for help with wiki features:

    • Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders—ways to present images.
    • Tabbers—a tabbed interface to organize information.
    • Portable Infoboxes—concise presentation of data that works on mobile devices too.
    • Community CSS and JavaScript—more customization options.

    Questions? Let me know how I can help. - --awyman13 (Talk/Work) 03:18, May 14, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    Which of the three bachelors do you recomend? Dean, Gabriel, or Cyril? I'd decide via heart events but seeing as how no one apparently cares enough about the game to document them which one is the least annoying?

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  • Clara AD

    Since December 2018, Ranch Story website can't be accessed anymore I might help a little bit with Animal Parade, that means i can only add dialogues or quotes as far as I know.. but I NEVER played Tree of Tranquility.

    Here's my latest edit on marriage candidate pages: Luke (ToT). Feel free to correct it. My "wrong" sentence was in "For negative result"

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    Skytree Village

    February 23, 2019 by Steven Bomb 17

    Is Skytree village any good? The guides are practically non existant, TV Tropes has nothing, there's few to no video walkthroughs, Fogu hasn't updated its guide, and I can't find good reviews. I know it has a village which makes it better than The Lost Valley but is it that much better? Also, in the event that I get it which bachelor should i choose?

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  • Sheryl00

    Droid Harvest

    June 13, 2018 by Sheryl00

    Visit for awesome Harvest Moon Tips, Tricks, Walkthroughs, and Guides.

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  • Doubled18


    May 20, 2018 by Doubled18

    Hey everyone, Double D here. I'm making my first blog post. Hope ya'll guys enjoy my page.

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  • ImNotPolenImIndo

    Hope You Like It

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  • Jun Bunny

    It's Been Over A Year...

    January 10, 2018 by Jun Bunny

    Since I have been on this site. So much has happened and I learned so much about HoLV and I'm even learning more about Trio of Towns and Back to Nature. I used to have so much fun editing pages here, and then I just disappeared off the face of the Earth. I should come back with all the information that I have under my belt. You know, instead of sitting on it! *sobs*

    I hope everyone's been doing okay. ♥

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  • Chiccane

    New Tale of Two Towns?

    October 4, 2017 by Chiccane

    Holy butts this is amazing! I really hope that they improve on what ToTT went wrong and maybe even give the characters more depth. I never would've expected a remake coming from the HM series.

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  • KiraLoveDirk

    Dirk nd Kira

    October 8, 2016 by KiraLoveDirk
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  • Illialidur

    I do not think I am alone when I say that a Wiki has helped me and given me insight into a game and it's characters. It just wanted to highlight why we do this. It is important to remember why, and I hope this helps.

    I once found myself editing, whereupon I found a mistake. I tried to edit it to the best of my knowledge, and I am now satisfied that I was able to fix something. I know I am not alone with this feeling. It may on occasion seem like a thankless job, this editing, but it mst definately is not. I thank everyone who posts and edits. You are out there using your free time to  help add to the world of gaming.

    Keep it up. The Wiki is never complete, and never correct. One person's correct may be another person's dead wrong. This may b…

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    Just one more day until Story of Seasons Trio of Towns comes to Japan, I'm excited because apparently there's a letter system and you can send mail to your family and they can reply. This makes me happy because I can do so many silly things like give the player character's little sister advice, make poems to the guy I'm going to marry, if there's a particulary mean character I can be snarky towards said character, I wonder if they'll let us send presents to characters.

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  • Mai Is Me

    Trio of Towns Comic

    June 11, 2016 by Mai Is Me
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  • Mai Is Me

    SoS Three Towns Comic

    April 30, 2016 by Mai Is Me
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  • Mai Is Me

    Picopuri Comics

    April 2, 2016 by Mai Is Me

    Japanese comics from Picopuri. Scans are taken from here.

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  • Mai Is Me

    Forest of Bewilderment

    February 27, 2016 by Mai Is Me

    This is from the original Japanese website, here. This is a fan translation by me.

    Performing: Dakota ・ Matt ・ Vivian ・ Van

    ◇Fugue Forest

    Inside the dim forest, a group of children walk looking around and looking worried.

    Matt: 「…Didn't we just pass this way?」 Vivian:「It feels that way.」 Van:「It seems we're lost.」 Dakota: 「…Ooh, I'm so hungry...」 Vivian:「Dakota, you originally said you wanted to go to Fugue Forest.」 Dakota: 「Because, you said there was a super delicious phantom mushroom…」 Matt: 「Sorry, I heard a rumour that it was deep in the forest…」 Van:「This isn't the time to place blame.」 Vivian:「You're right. I'm sorry.」 Dakota: 「Um, I know! Let's all eat some chocolate! That'll cheer everyone up!」

    The children, tired from walking, sat down t…

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  • Mai Is Me


    February 23, 2016 by Mai Is Me

    This is from the original Japanese website, here. This is a fan translation by me.

    Performances: Ramsey ・  Hayden  ・ Cain  ・ Dale pict

    ◇Hermonica Bar

    With the street light's illuminating Harmonica Town, voices of people enjoying themselves can be heard emiting from Harmonica Bar.

    Dale: "That was a nice wedding, huh?"

    Ramsey: "そうじゃな"

    Cain: "Around now they're probably under the south skies.      ……あれ、今日はKathyの姿が見えないな?"

    Thinking of ordering another cup, Cain looked around while asking his master [[Hayden (AP)|Hayden] a question. Kathy wasn't running around as a waitress as she always was.

    Hayden: "今日は若いの同士で集まってるようだ。そもそも今日は店を開ける予定じゃなかったから Selenaも休みだしな"

    Dale: "そういえば無理を言って開けて貰ったんだったな、すまん"

    Hayden: "まぁ、たまにはこんなオヤジだけのbarも悪くない"

    Cain: "しかしweddingがあったせいか妙に感傷的になっちまう…

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    What we have so far

    February 2, 2016 by Steven Bomb 17

    Ok so Frank's our Uncle and Megan's the Aunt right? I hope they give us some nice family events with them, nothing big just some adorable scenes oh and how about this, no matter what you're friendship with them is they'll always give you a present for your birthday and even have a nice family meal with them.

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  • Nixerix

    Am I the only one..

    January 24, 2016 by Nixerix

    ...who thinks that Gray and Hunter look really alike? I mean, obviously there are difference there. But damn.

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    Big news!

    January 14, 2016 by Steven Bomb 17

    Did everyone hear the news about Story of Seasons Cherished friends of three towns? I'm excited for it, every Harvest Moon game improves on the last (ok a few have been downgrades but still) I just hope there isn't a heartbreaking death in this game. Here's what I hope for 

    Twins, that was a great thing so why take it away

    Swimming, as always a great thing

    A mine kinda like the one in Story of Seasons only bigger

    More kids and maybe have more then one parent for at least most of the kids

    More backstory for the other characters

    More dialog for each character

    More events

    More clothes

    The ability to get a three story mansion with four rooms on each floor, the kitchen, the living room, the ball room, the study on the first floor, the dining room, the p…

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  • Jun Bunny

    SoS Info!

    January 14, 2016 by Jun Bunny

    I made a blogpost about how I'm working on the Story of Seasons pages, but I'm gonna go ahead and ask any and every one what we may need for the game!

    A new Story of Seasons/BokuMono game has been announced and is in development. I would like to absolutely do my best to get all the information for Story of Seasons done before this new game is translated and released in English. I can see that we absolutely need some images in the Wildlife section, some more information in Clothes, work on the critters section, and most likely much more! I'll be keeping a list in my profile so I know what to focus on when I get all the right information, but if anyone finds any else, please don't hesitate to tell me. I'll be happy to go ahead and add it in t…

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  • Nixerix


    January 4, 2016 by Nixerix

    I though I made a blog post about this already, but I guess not?

    Many of you may have noticed that I haven't been here recently. I am online everyday and am usually working on the Dead Rising wikia. There is such an extrensive and crazy amount of work that needs to be done there, even after working on it for an almost constant two steady years.. so that's usually where I am. I feel bad for not being here, since I know that there's just as much work that needs to be done here too... 

    However, I haven't played any Harvest Moon in an extensive period of time. The last game I played was Innocent Life, which I added quite a bit of information on (but haven't quite finished). I just haven't felt like editing over here, so I haven't been. However, …

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  • Jun Bunny

    Returning soon!

    December 19, 2015 by Jun Bunny

    Oh man, I have so much information to load the wikia with. It's mostly dialouge from Story of Seasons, but I do have a whole bunch of information for Save the Homeland and Hero of Leaf Valley. I'll probably touch up a bit of The Lost Valley, but at the moment, I don't have anything to update it on. Perhaps I'll play it after completing most of the events for Story of Seasons.

    I hope you all have a wonderful season and a happy new year!

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    I'm here to talk about a game I wish they remade, Harvest Moon a Wonderful Life. This is the very first Harvest Moon game I ever played. My sister and I would play for hours on end doing stuff like marrying Celia, getting Nami back, trying to push Muffy into the stream (don't ask.), making friends with everyone, and having our little munchkin Ron, Harry, etc. The characters where wonderful, I felt like I could really get attached to these characters, sometimes I'd turn the game on just so I could do stuff like listen to the music on the farm or listen to Lumina play the piano. I'd always donate a crazy amount of money to Murry even though it didn't help him, I'd have my character race Wally and Hugh, always letting Hugh win. I love Story o…

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  • Nixerix

    How did I never notice..

    September 27, 2015 by Nixerix

    I never noticed just how similar Dia and Reina look. Once I saw it, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Do they plan this, or does it just happen?! Because damn. Obviously, they have different hairstyles, but their dresses are similar, as are their personalities. 

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  • Jun Bunny

    It's been for a various amount of reasons. I've lost motivation to do a lot of the things I enjoyed plus I took part in a big bang for the fandom. I had put all of my focus into creating a story with these characters that I put everything else on the backburner. In return, it just burnt me out and it burnt all my other interests with it. I literally ate, breathed, and slept that freaking story. It's done now and submitted. I just have to wait until the 28th for it to be posted and for everyone to see it.

    It's only been a week or so ago that I've started getting back into doing the things that I enjoyed. I started small with Persona Q. At the moment, that's all I want to play since I've had it for almost a year and I haven't beaten it yet. I …

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  • Nixerix


    July 5, 2015 by Nixerix

    I was on vacation for almost two weeks and haven't edited extensively on any wikia for almost three weeks. Now that I've taken such a long break, I come back to it and I just feel.. overwhelmed. There's just so much work to do and I don't know where to start. I usually like to jump around and work on a few different things to keep myself from feeling bored, but I don't feel like I can do that right now. Working on one thing will make me feel burnt out. I just don't know. Maybe after working on a wikia for as long as I have, these feelings are bound to happen at some time. 

    Maybe just a heads up to our other regular editors who may be looking out for me or wondering if an admin is still present. I always a wikia tab open and I can always che…

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  • Nixerix

    While everybody is playing A New Beginning and Story of Seasons.. I've been working on Tale of Two Towns. A little behind, I know! I thought I'd share my experiences though. Just for fun. Especially because it took me so bloody long to just play through the first year. I've restarted the game several times so I'm glad I finally stuck with it. 

    I chose to live in Konohana because I traditionally decide to grow crops more than I do raise animals. I am running into problems with the very limited amount of space for chickens (which is what I usually have) so I may move to Bluebell in my second year to try things out living there. I really like the Konohona villagers and the look/feel of the village. I'm a bit nervous about moving to Bluebell be…

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  • Jun Bunny

    Story of Seasons!

    April 5, 2015 by Jun Bunny

    As you can see, I'm gonna be helping out with Story of Seasons rather than Save the Homeland. Only because I can't put this game down. I love Iris so much. :'3

    Who are you guys going for? Once I'm done with Iris, I might go straight for Mistel or go for the other girls so I can help expand the wiki.

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  • Themonthapril

    Hey guys! So I have a small dillema. I've allowed myself the purchase of one new harvest moon game (so far I have four, two Wii and two handheld, so as you can see it's already partially a problem), and I can't pick which to get. The main two I am tossing around are HM3DS: A New Begginning and the upcoming (for my region) Story of Seasons. Price isn't really a deciding factor for me, even though I know one is obviously more expensive than the other. I'm more interested in the sort of comparisons- for example I love both rabbits and cactus irl, but one game does cactus, the other rabbits, so again I'm at a dillema for just in general which game would be interesting to me/newer/more fun. Maybe this is weird, and a little rant-esque, but I ne…

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  • Jun Bunny

    I was going to try and be active every day, even if it's only a little bit, but I messed up when I was hanging out with my brother a few days ago. Ha ha. Well, I'm back in gear. I'm almost done with the Horse Race event in Save the Homeland. Next up is the Fishy Tale event path, and I'm reluctant, to be honest. It's the hardest event to do because it's based on luck and you can only do it on certain days of the month.

    If I remember correctly, and I could be wrong, the full moon happens in the game maybe four times a month? If that? So that leaves me only 16 tries to try and get that dang fish. Even less if I include how long it takes to get Kurt and Joe to be friends with me.

    Wish me luck!

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  • Oakleigha

    a discovery !

    February 28, 2015 by Oakleigha

    yo, this isn't very important, but i've discovered that there's a wiki under the name of, but then there's also ??? strange but yeah

    anyway, that's all for now, so ciao !

    - fain ~

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  • Jun Bunny

    I really can't help but absolutely fall in love with this game all over again. And I'm just sadden that no one gives it a chance. I mean, it was the first 3D Harvest Moon game. Don't get me wrong, I understand that it's not perfect. I remember having the conversation before, albeit it was a bit short. "They may have done it first, but that doesn't mean it was the best."

    I don't believe that, though.

    I believe they did do it the best. Just the way it looks is just so beautiful to me. Yeah, I can't speak much since I've never played ToT/AP, but I have a feeling that my opinion still wouldn't change. And of course the game isn't perfect. I know that. It has so many problems like the characters hand sometimes going through the animals when you b…

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  • PopRox6012

    tips and tricks: ToTT

    February 21, 2015 by PopRox6012

    I only have one harvest moon game, ToTT. (Tale of Two Towns)

    I have beaten the game and I'm about to get married in it, so if you have a question about it that you can't find on the wiki, I'll be happy to help! :3

    Also, feel free to help out as well by telling me what you've learned! Have fun making the world of knowledge go round! :3

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  • Oakleigha

    over-editing, i know

    February 17, 2015 by Oakleigha

    bonjour !

    je suis désolé d'être trop activ sur ici, je ne peux pas me en empêcher :///

    whoa wow, sorry for my broken french, but yeah, here's my new blog update, and i'm sorry for the over-editing; i just find myself going on a spree !

    anyway, farewell for now,


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  • Jun Bunny


    February 14, 2015 by Jun Bunny

    I finally got off my big butt and started Save the Homeland. I asked my brother to choose an event for me and he choose the Cake Contest event, so I should have that up and running in the next... few days or so? It really depends on how well these silly chickens and cows will give me the golden milk. I do have a bit of Woody's schedule, though, but I won't be putting that up until it's complete. However, his quotes are about to go up.

    I gotta say, though, playing it for the first time in years felt... magical. The music gave me goosebumps and talking to the characters again made me feel like a teenager! Ugh. I look forward to playing this more often. uwu

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  • Mike-

    Names for a child?

    February 9, 2015 by Mike-

    Does anyone have any good names for a child? So I married Freya in Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar and she's pregnant, so I'm just wondering if someone could list me some of their favourite names? Since I'm terrible at coming up with names lol. 

    I'd really appreciate it :)


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  • Oakleigha

    whoa, guys !

    i'm sorry for editing/creating so many pages - all i can see in the recents is me !

    so yeah, i probably look as if i'm correcting every single error, and, i mean, i am, but i'm sorry if it annoys you all.

    who's even going to see this ? why am i apologising ???

    all that and more in fain's next update, of course

    ciao for now ! 

    fain ^_^

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  • ToramLover89

    Mining in HMDS

    February 2, 2015 by ToramLover89

    Hey everybody! It's Firestar here and I have something that might help in the mining in HMDS. This is also an easy way to earn money.

    First Step: Go to main room where alll the mines meet

    Second Step: Equip your hoe and if you have a truth bangle, equip that

    Third Step: Save your game

    Fourth Step: Mine with your hoe until you find something you like

    Fifth Step: Remember the spot where you found it and reload your save game

    Sixth Step: Go to the spot you found what you wanted and mine that spot

    Seventh Step: Save Game and repeat

    Final result:  New item that's worth a lot of G, saved stamina for more mining, and saved time

    If you have stressed all the items and you still have a lot of stamina, exit the cave and re-enter and do the same thing you did …

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  • Jun Bunny

    First, I just want to say that I hope everyoen on the wikia had a wonderful holiday. I hope you all have another year of health and happiness. May the next year be bright to you all!

    Second, I got Magical Melody, Save the Homeland, and A Wonderful Life for Christmas. If there's any information that needs to be done, I will help! I know that Save the Homeland DESPARATELY needs help and I will be happy to put in all my energy to do so. uwu

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  • Nixerix

    So, I'm not sure how to make this an official "announcement" so to speak, so I can only hope that people read this blog as a way of communicating to the on/off again editors.

    Some of you have been making some really great edits and have immensely helpful and I want to thank you all so very much for that. We've also had some great suggestions on how to better run the wikia and to better categorize it so that everything looks a lot neater.

    One of the things that has been worked on is merging individual pages (such as crops, food, fish, etc) into one long page (such as a list of crops, list of food/recipes, list of fish, etc). I think that for the sake of this wikia, keeping everything in one big list is a better idea than having a page for eac…

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  • Lira.deviana.7

    Laney yang tinggal di Bluebell merupakan salah satu NPC yang dapat diajak menikah dalam game Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns. Berikut ini adalah informasi apa saja yang disukai dan tidak oleh Laney.

    Birthday: Summer 23
    Favorite Outfit: Urban Outfit
    Favorite Gift: Cherry Pie
    Liked Gifts: Blue Bouquet, Blue Rose, Carnation, Casablanca, Casablanca Bouquet, Chamomile, Colorful Bouquet, Fall Honey, Fruit Honey, Gentian, Gerbera, Honey, Magic Blue Flower, Magic Red Flower, Marguerite, Mint, Moondrop Flower, Nadeshiko, Pink Rose, Red Bouquet, Red Rose, Rose Honey, Royal Jelly, Snowdrop, Spring Honey, Summer Honey, Sunflower, Sunflower Bouquet, White Bouquet, White Rose, Yam Dessert, Pumpkin Pudding, Chocolate Banana, Stewed Apple, Apple Pie, Pin…

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  • Lira.deviana.7

    Georgia merupakan salah satu NPC yang dapat diajak menikah oleh karakter utama laki-laki dalam game Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns. Berikut ini adalah informasi mengenai apa saja yang disukai dan dibenci oleh Georgia.

    Birthday: Spring 4
    Favorite Outfit: Work Outfit
    Favorite Gift: Fried Rice
    Liked Gifts: Citrus Perfume, Colorful Bouquet, Flower Perfume, Golden Milk, Herb Perfume, Jersey Milk, Letter in a Bottle, Magic Blue Flower, Ocean Perfume, Pumpkin Perfume, Rose Perfume, Snow Perfume, Sunflower Bouquet, Chattering Cicada, Princess Cicada, Bear Cicada, Atlas Beetle, Hercules Beetle, White Giant Beetle, Crimson Dragonfly, Ancient Dragonfly, Emperor Dragonfly, Lantern Firefly, Mustache Firefly, Emperor Firefly, Spotted Pond Frog, White …

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  • Lira.deviana.7

    Salah satu NPC yang dapat dijadikan isteri dalam game Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns, adalah Alisa. Berikut ini adalah informasi tentang Alisa, apa yang disukai dan tidak disukai olehnya.

    Birthday: Winter 17
    Favorite Outfit: Classy Outfit
    Favorite Gift: Ice Cream
    Liked Gifts: Apple, Apricot, Banana, Blueberry, Buckwheat, Cherry, Chestnut, Colorful Bouquet, Edamame, Elli Leaves, Fall Honey, Fruit Honey, Grape, Honey, Magic Blue Flower, Mandarin, Peach, Pineapple, Plum, Rice Candy, Rose Honey, Royal Jelly, Sea Urchin, Spring Honey, Strawberry, Summer Honey, Sunflower Bouquet, Yam, All salads except Caprese Salad, Onion Soup, Pumpkin Soup, Soy Milk, Miso Soup, Herb Soup, Asparagus Soup, Radish Soup, Egg Soup, French Fries, Popcorn, Corn Cer…

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  • Lira.deviana.7

    Pada awal game Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns ini, gamer harus menentukan terlebih dahulu karakter utama yang akan dimainkan, apakah laki-laki atau perempuan.
    Pemilihan ini tidak berpengaruh terlalu besar dalam kehidupan pertanian, namun akan sangat berpengaruh dalam kehidupan sosial. Dimana nantinya gamer akan menentukan calon pasangan untuk menikah. Keseluruhan terdapat 12 karakter NPC yang dapat menjadi pasangan hidup, masing-masing 6 pilihan untuk karakter utama laki-laki dan perempuan. Untuk karakter laki-laki, gamer yang akan menentukan calon isterinya dengan melamar sang gadis dengan membawa Blue Feather. Hal ini dapat dilakukan bila telah memenuhi syarat, yakni sang gadis dan keluarganya telah menyukai karakter utama. Sebalikn…

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  • Lira.deviana.7

    Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns, merupakan game farming simulation, untuk hand-held console Nintendo. Untuk versi Jepang hanya tersedia untuk Nintendo DS, sedangkan untuk region North America dapat dimainkan pada Nintendo DS dan Nintendo 3DS.
    Tujuan pokok dari game Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns ini adalah mendamaikan perselisihan antara dua buah kota yang terpisahkan oleh sebuah gunung. Awalnya kedua kota terhubung melalui sebuah terowongan, namun karena terjadi perselisihan, Harvest Goddess menutup terowongan tersebut. Adalah dua kota yang akan ditinggali, yakni Bluebell-Konohana, dimana keduanya saling berselisih, menjadikan dua kota tersebut untuk kembali bersahabat. Saat kedua kota tersebut telah berdamai, maka terowongan yan…

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  • Lira.deviana.7

    Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, sebuah farm simulation. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature di console Sony PlayStation, game ini menawarkan berbagai feature permainan menarik mulai dari interaksi dengan NPC, menikah, memiliki anak, memelihara hewan ternak, ayam, sapi, kuda, bercocok tanam, memancing, memasak, dan masih banyak lagi lainnya. Berikut ini adalah kumpulan petunjuk dalam memainkan game Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, mulai dari memancing, daftar resep untuk memasak, hingga cheat gameshark.

    • Tips Menikah
    • NPC Ann
    • NPC Elli
    • NPC Karen
    • NPC Mary
    • NPC Popuri
    • Tips Menanam Sayur dan Buah
    • Tips Memancing
    • Tips Tambang
    • Tips Power Berry
    • Daftar Resep Masakan
    • Cheat Gameshark

    Tujuan utama game Harvest Moon: Back to Nature ini adalah mengembalikan kejayaan peternakan kake…

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