Blue Bar AWL
The Blue Bar is where Griffin and Muffy live in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

Griffin serves drinks to residents of the valley and seems very happy having Muffy around to help him out around the Bar, the player can buy several drinks here that will replenish their energy, and some even have additional effects.


Drink Price
Red Punch 100 G
Blue Punch 100 G
Moon Trip 120 G
MooMoo Milk 150 G
Cherry Pink 200 G
Stone Oil 300 G


Bar: The Bar is the main room inside the Blue Bar. Here, the player can ask Griffin for drinks. You may run into other townspeople inside the Bar drinking and spending time inside.

Back Room: The back of the Blue Bar houses a small confined room with several guitars strewn against the back wall. It also has a ladder entering Muffy's bedroom. However, the player cannot enter due to a "GIRLS ONLY" sign hanging in front of the ladder leading up into the room.

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