The Blue Bar is a shop in Harvest Moon DS and Harvest Moon DS: Cute.

The Blue Bar is owned and operated by Griffin. He and his barmaid Muffy also live here at the back of the bar. It's open for business from 5pm until 11pm everyday except for Wednesdays and holidays. Griffin mixes drinks while Muffy serves.

All drinks must be consumed right after purchasing and cannot be stored in the rucksack. After purchasing your first drink, it will unlock one of the Harvest Spites. A second sprite can be unlocked after purchasing 50 drinks. 

Opening times: 5pm - 11pm closed on Wednesdays. 


Drink Cost Notes
Water Free
Morning Mist 400G
Spring Time 400G
Summer Heat 300G
Fall Colors 300G
Winter Blast 350G
Fresh Breeze 300G


ABC 350G
Moomoo Milk 300G
Moo Milk 300G Unlocked after Muffy's Blue Heart Event
Amaiyume 300G Unlocked through Drinking Event
Ocho Kochoi 300G Unlocked through Drinking Event
Mega Minoyu Uwaku 300G Unlocked through Drinking Event
Wosuretani Notsuzen 300G Unlocked through Drinking Event
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