The Blue Feather is the proposal item in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.


  • Before you able to marry somebody, you must have them at 9 hearts or above and have a level 2 house or bigger. 
  • After your first love confession (which happens when somebody is at 7 hearts), you will recieve a letter in the mail from Hamilton. The letter explains the custom of proposing with a Blue Feather, and the legend of the blue bird.
  • When a marriage candidate reaches 9 hearts, you'll find Mira on your farm one morning.[1] As she was taking her morning walk, she noticed the blue bird! It flew off, but she suggests that you find it so that you can get your feather.
  • The bird can only be found on the summit of the Upper Garmon Mine at 5PM. You can either climb all 45 floors of the mine and go to the summit at 5PM, or you can use the fast travel to the top of the mountain if you have that option. If you've entered the summit at the right time, you'll find the blue bird, who will fly away before you're able to catch it. Luckily, it drops a feather for you, and you now have your own blue feather. [2]


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