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Blue Sky Ranch is a location in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

Hank, Ellen and Blue live and work here together. It is also where the player can buy animals, animal supplies and animal products. They can also sell animals.

Blue Sky Ranch is open from 6am to 6pm every day, but is closed on Thursdays and holidays. You will not be able to buy any animals from Hank until you have built a barn.



Item Cost
Milker 1000G
Brush 800G
Animal Medicine 800G
Bell 500G
Clippers 800G
Cow Miracle Potion 1500G
Sheep Miracle Potion 1000G
Horse Miracle Potion 1200G


Item Cost
Fodder 30G
Bird Feed 20G


Item Cost
Good Egg 120G
Good Milk 300G
Good Cheese 380G
Good Mayonnaise 180G
Good Butter 350G


Item Cost
Chicken 1200G
Calf 3500G
Lamb 2500G
Foal 3200G

Selling Animals

Item Cost
Adult Cow  1700G
Adult Cow (Festival Winner) 3000G
Adult Chicken 600G
Adult Chicken (Festival Winner) 1000G
Adult Horse
Adult Sheep
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