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"Our store opens a bit before noon. So if you're hungry, you should stop by."
Brad (ブラッド, Buraddo) is a character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

The man who runs the restaurant. While studying cooking, his grandfather Marco helps him. Since he inherited his menu from Marco, he challenges himself with creating a new one. He can always be found around the restaurant.[2]


Wrapping: Plain Cloth, Simple Box, Simple Paper

Special Gift: (+1000 FP) Grape Wine (Use the Winery Farm Circle to process Grapes into Grape Wine)

Love Gifts: (+500 FP) Almond, Apple, Bell Pepper, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrot, Cherry, Corn, Grape, Onion, Olive, Other wine (Orange Wine, Strawberry Wine, etc.), Potato, Radish, Soybeans, Strawberry, Tomato, Turnip, Wheat

Liked Gifts: (+300 FP) Avocado, Breadfruit, Cheese, Egg +, Herbs (Aloe, Chamomile, etc.), Milk +, Mushrooms, Other crops (Adzuki Beans, Cassava, Cucumber, etc.), Other tree fruit (Cacao, Orange, etc.), Spice, Vanilla, Wild items (Apricot, Bamboo Shoots, Ume Plum, etc.),

Hated Gift: (-1000 FP) Fodder


  1. うちの店は昼より少し前にオープンだ。腹がへったらぜひ立ち寄ってくれ。
  2. レストランを営む男性。料理は勉強中で、仕込みは先代である祖父・マルコに手伝ってもらっている。マルコ直伝のメニューを受け継ぎながら、新しいメニューにもチャレンジしている。いつもレストランのまわりにいる。
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