• "Howdy, [player]. How's the farm? Let me know if you have any good produce for sale."
  • "Out for a walk, [player]? There are lots of staircases around here, so watch your step. It wouldn't do for you to trip and fall."
  • "Sometimes when I head outside, I'll see a gaggle of girls around Wayne's post office. Makes you wonder what kind of shop they think it is! I wish he'd send them over to my restaurant."
  • "My hobbies? I guess you could say wine tasting. There are lots of different varieties, y'know. It can get pretty complex. I enjoy drinking it, of course, but it's also fun to think of what wines pair well with what dishes. And that means I get to go learn more about cooking at the same time too!"
  • Inside restaurant: "The interior of this restaurant has stayed the same since my grandpa first opened it up. It looks a little worn in places, yeah, but I like it this way."
  • Player's Birthday (Female): "Howdy, [player]! Today's your birthday, right? Happy birthday! Wait, hang on... So how old are you? Oops! Sorry. That's right. It isn't polite to ask a lady's age."
  • After completing the Westown bridge: "I'm glad the bridge is all fixed up. It always seemed a little rickety before. Now, if that convinces more folks to wander on over this way and visit my restaurant, everything will be perfect!"
  • If you are dating someone: "[Player], I heard! So you're dating [Marriage candidate] now, huh? That's great! As [his/her] friend, I'm really glad [he/she] finally found someone. I'm extra glad that someone is you. Take good care of [him/her], okay?"


Marriage Lines

  • While engaged: "You and [marriage candidate] are getting married? That's great! Congratulations, [player]! So [marriage candidate] is finally getting married, and to you of all people? I get the feeling I'm gonna bawl like a baby during the ceremony."
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